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Most of us parents are in the constant dilemma what to give our children for their tiffins? Whether they will eat it or not? Since nutritious food is very essential for children most parents these days are worried what to pack in their child’s lunch box. Whether your child is going to school or for a trip packing their snack boxes in the right manner is very important.  Children are full of activities and activities lead to hunger. If the hunger is not satiated the child falls sick.

If your child is going for a trip or picnic here are some suggestions on how you can pack a healthy snack so that he/she gets the right amount of nutrients and also he enjoys his food. Since a trip or picnic is generally a whole day plan parents need to pack sufficient snacks so that at no point of time the child is hungry. Child nutritionists are of the view that children should be given five small meals rather than three large portions. Each portion of their snacks should be nutritious and also very interesting so that the child finishes it off.

The amount of nutrition your child requires depends on the gender of your child and their age - boys require more calories girls. Toddlers on the other hand require more calorie intake then those who are younger to them.

When packing for the trip

When you are packing your child’s trip food boxes make sure that you given them healthy snack in appropriate quantity.  Some important points to be kept in mind when packing for your child’s box are –

  • Pack enough snacks – your child is going to be off from the house for a long time. Therefore provide him/her with good quantity. Pack healthy snacks when he is travelling to the picnic spot, when he is at the picnic spot and when he is returning from the picnic spot. Along with his snacks give him some extra so that he shares some with his friends. This inculcates the habit of sharing and also increases his appetite seeing his friend eating along with him.

  • Pack variety of snack items – do not stuff your child’s snack box with the same item. Add variety so that he does not get bored. Some healthy snack items which you can include are fruit juices, cookies, protein bars, fruits and dry fruits, brown bread sandwiches, yogurt etc.

  • Simple food – when packing meals make sure the tiffin box contains healthy snacks

  and not messy food items. Messy food items are a big put down among kids.

While both parents are working these days, none have time to prepare their child’s lunch box at home. Thanks to the e-commerce innovation. There are various online stores providing the right kinds of healthy snacks for your children. Click here if you are looking to provide your children with the right kind of nutrition to put in their boxes when then are planning for a trip.


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