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The changes in each woman’s life during pregnancy may be different; some might either be glowing like never before and some might look drained out and pale. Nevertheless, you have to take extra care of your skin during this life-changing period of your life as pregnancy tends to cause your hormones to go haywire leading to increased melanin in your skin resulting in hyperpigmentation. Patches of your skin will become darker, especially around your areolas.

This would entail that you pay special attention to your skin and take steps to ensure that your skin keeps glowing through your pregnancy. But chemically-formulated skin products, which are absorbed into the body may harm the development of the baby. So, go for ways and means to take care of your skin the natural and non-toxic way.


Treat Your Stretch Marks

Your baby is growing and developing inside you, and in the process, making room for itself inside you. This would lead to your developing stretch marks. You might notice pinkish streaks on your skin. Stretch marks typically fade post-delivery, but you can take measures to lessen the effect of stretch marks.

Avoid hot showers and apply a moisturizer on your skin when it is still wet if you want to reduce the severity of your stretch marks. Use natural cocoa butter to combat the stretch marks. You can also rub Vitamin E capsules on your stomach to take care of them. Stretch marks can also be countered with aloe vera gel.


Red Itchy Skin

You will be confronted with itchy skin right from your belly to the soles of your feet. Avoid products with preservatives and parabens and opt for organic products. Use products that have chamomile and cucumber, which help to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. Similar fruit and vegetable-laden products will work equally well. Go for natural essential oils to take care of your skin.


Take Care of Your Diet

The health benefits of water are well known. Detoxify your body and nourish your skin by drinking plenty of water. Eat a lot of fresh foods and add antioxidants like Vitamin C and soy in your diet. Replenish your protein requirements with fish. Opt for green tea as your choice of beverage.


Treat Your Acne-Prone Skin

If your skin is acne-prone be prepared for the worst outbreaks during your pregnancy as your body undergoes many hormonal changes inducing pimples and other skin abrasions. Cleanse your face at least twice daily and avoid popping the pimples. Apply lemon juice on the affected area during bedtime. Aloe vera gel is also a wonderful way of treating your pimples. Use essential oils like lavender and tree tea oil to reduce your acne and pimples.

Avoid Harmful Products

Antiperspirants generally contain aluminum which can be harmful for the baby if absorbed by the skin. While choosing your deodorant, avoid products which contain aluminum sulfate and choose a product which is safe for your skin.

Pick nail polishes which do not contain Toluene or Formaldehyde as both are harmful chemicals. You can still make your nails pretty by going for nail polishes which do not contain these chemicals.

Avoid wrinkle cream which contains Retinol, another harmful chemical to be avoided during pregnancy. Skin whitening or teeth whitening products, even toothpastes, also contain Retinol or Thioglycolic acid. Give these products a miss and opt for natural, healthy and safe products.


Exercise to be Stress-Free

Existing skin problems may become worse during pregnancy if you are stressed. Ensure that you get enough sleep to keep your mind stress-free. Practice yoga to keep your body and mind free from stress. Pregnancy-related yoga will also help you to prepare for labor. Relaxation and deep breathing techniques incorporated into your daily routine will help you to maintain a healthy and glowing skin during your pregnancy.

Dealing with pregnancy might be a tough job with the nausea, hormonal imbalances and your skin problems making you feel sick and unattractive. Click here to know more about going through pregnancy with a glowing skin.


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