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So, you are proud parent of a small, sweet and adorable infant. Isn’t it a great feeling to hold that small, little baby in your arms? A baby always brings lots of happiness and joy into parent’s life. Their world starts revolving around the baby only. The first thing they think is about baby. With baby, there comes a lot of responsibilities which you have to perform very carefully. As your baby starts growing up, your responsibilities increases. You have to pay more attention towards him/her.

Now as he/she is growing up, you have to feed them properly with some nutritious food. Mother feed is not enough. It is the right time to introduce the solid food into his diet. It is advised by many medical officials that solid food should be introduced when baby is around 5-6 months. There are certain signs which convey that baby is ready to take the solid food. Those signs are:

  • When baby swallows something which you offer him/her to eat.
  • When baby responds to you well and pick up anything to eat.
  • When they can sit for a sometime without any support.

There are many things which are full of nutrition which you can offer to your baby like:

  • Cereals: Cereal is the perfect food to start with for your baby. Don’t offer him random things to eat as he/she can choke. You should always stay with your baby while he is eating. This baby food is enriched with omega 3, 6 and DHA Alpha which can help your baby to grow. Never force a baby to eat, just wait for the time when he is ready.

  • Honey: You can even make your baby eat honey. It will add another taste to his tongue. As we all know, baby loves sweet products more as compared to others. It will also help in his growth and this honey is chemical free and is enriched with lots of nutrition like vitamins.

  • Flakes: If your baby is big enough like around 10 months, then you can even offer him flakes to eat. It will add fibre to his diet and will help him to grow. While feeding your baby always use bibs so that they can feel comfortable. A happy and quite child can eat properly.

  • Fruits: It always advised to apply the massage oil on baby’s body so as to keep him strong and healthy. But with this you need to offer him some food like fruits which will give him some nutrition which will help him in his growth properly.
These are some organic food and are free from any type of preservatives which makes them best for baby to feed. You can click here to know more about other products at Joy By Nature.


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