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While buying cute little babywear, you should keep in mind these things:

  • Material:

 Don’t choose clothes with material that is harsh on baby’s delicate skin. Choose clothes made of cotton or muslin. It will soothe the baby as well as provide warmth to your baby. When the baby grows older, you can try cotton blend.

  • Opt for One size bigger clothes:

If you have no idea about your baby’s cloth size, then you should apply the rule of thumb. Always buy little bigger cloth. You have no idea how your baby will grow up in her initial years. But don’t buy something that she can only wear after 5 years.

  • Simplicity:

Your baby will feel comfortable in simple cloths rather than denim dungarees or sequined dresses. Choose dresses with simple design and have button in the front section. Don’t opt for zipper as it can get rough on her soft skin. The head portion should be wide enough to give space to baby’s head. You can opt for full body suits for daytime and sleeping bag for night. When the baby grows up, you can opt for basic elastic pants. Make sure it has crotch snaps so that you can change baby’s diaper easily.

  • Easily washable:

Infants throw up, poop or urinate without informing. So you need to wash their cloth a lot. Check whether the cloth is easily washable or not.

  • Save Money:

Shopping adorable baby garments are so tempting that you may end up buying more than needed. Often parents buy expensive designer clothes that can be only worn during special occasion. You can opt for borrowing or styling one outfits in different ways.

  • Check out for loose buttons:

Check if your baby’s cloths have loose buttons and fix it immediately. Otherwise the baby can put it into their mouth after it comes off which will result to choking.

  • Buy according to baby’s weight:

Each brand has different sizes for different ages. You have no idea whether your child will be healthy or lean after 6 months. So it is advisable to buy cloth by baby’s weight, not by baby’s age.

Essential “Must Buy” items:

  • Skin-friendly organic diapers

  • Bibs to get rid of bad stains while eating.
  • Towel for drying baby after bath

How to take care of baby’s cloths:

  • Store baby’s cloths in cool and dry place, preferable inside closet.
  • Baby’s clothes are prone to stain. You can clean it by soaking it for some time in warm water. If still the stain persists, rather than using stain removers loaded with chemicals, try this DIY recipe: Mix lemon essential oil and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it over stain. Wash it off using mild detergents.

Buy clothes of vibrant color. Experiment with pattern and prints. To know more, click here!


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