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Bonding with your child is the most essential and beautiful aspect of parenthood. It is this period filled with joy, bliss and laughter. The bond is built over the years as the parent and the child go through the crests and troughs.

Right after pregnancy or delivery it is common to feel exhausted. It quite natural actually; the constant worrying, the lack of sleep the imbalance in the hormones, all of it is very natural and everyone should be strong enough to accept this gracefully. It is for this sole reason you have a baby with you. Your baby is the biggest stress buster there ever is. No one is asking you to go and punch the baby, no. Relaxing with your baby and spending some quality time with this tiny human can make your worried go away in a jiffy. That laugh filled with happiness and the look of innocence pitted in their eyes is enough to melt anyone. It is pretty important to spend some quality time with your baby.

There are various ways to spend bond with your baby. The only way you can do this is by establishing physical contact and by being around them during the times they need. Here are some tips that will help you bond with your child.

  • An oil massage: All kids love this. This is one of the most significant and efficient ways to establish a bond with your child. Establishing a physical contact with your child comforts them. And as they don’t move around a lot, flexing and stretching out their limbs will help in taking off the knots at the pressure points and they certainly enjoy these routines. Make sure to use organic oil and be sure that it does not harm the baby’s skin.
  • Giving a proper bath: Having the water’s temperature set right such that the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Babies enjoy spending time in the tub. Especially when they have toys around them to keep them busy. You can always use baby friendly soaps and shower products to give your child an amazing bathing experience.

  • Talking: Although they might not really understand what you will be telling them, but talking is the most common ways. It removes stress of your shoulders. Babies find it amusing when you talk to them. In fact they love it. Babies love getting all the attention, makes them happy.
  • Sleeping next to them: Instead of keeping your baby away in a cradle as they sleep, sleep next to them. Hormones such as oxytocin are released in the mother’s head which is the same hormone that is released at the time of delivery. This is commonly known as the trust hormone. More than that kids enjoy the natural warmth received from their mother, and in the mean time you can catch up on some sleep.

These are the ways one can bond with their child. Just by spending time with them is sufficient to build the bond with your child.

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