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With the overwhelming amount of love that a baby is showered upon, it should also get that amount of love for its care and nurturing and then some more. Nowadays, advertisements make everything look so perfect and right and healthy, but the reality is far behind. Your baby deserves all the love it can get; give your love to him by showering him with healthy organic products.  Because deep in your heart, you know, nothing beats nature.

When Nursing

Babies eat a lot in the beginning of your course. Things will be harder than they look. Nursing is actually a difficult task. You get a lot of soreness. But it’s the only way your baby will be healthy.

  1. Seek help, on how to do it the right way.
  2. Use hospital resourcesTake the help of the lactation consultant. Ask the nurse to offer you advice on what to do and what not to do. Use good wipes and diapers

  1. Prepare yourself.While at home, as soon as she cries, you’ll drop everything. Take care of yourself too
  2. If you want your baby to drink from a good bottle after being breastfed for sometime: begin it before 3 months


Newborns log as many as 16 hours of sleep a day but only in short bursts.

  1. Don’t fixate yourself on your tiredness
  2. Take shifts with other people
  3. Sync your sleeping with that of your baby
  4. If the baby has difficulty sleeping:whatever it may take; do it: you may nurse or rock the baby till he sleeps, or let the baby sleep anywhere he wants to.


  • If your baby is fussy: try to make them happy
  • Play tunes.Music calms babies, music calms everyone.
  • Warm things up make the child a hot bath and replace the diaper with a good diaper.


  • Have fun with the baby
  • Keep your diaper bag packed

  • Alway shave a pair of clothes

  • Ultimately, embrace the confusion
So when it comes to caring for one’s baby, everyone has their own way. But in the end, the health and happiness of the baby should be taken into account.  The happiness part is covered by love and the health part should not be kept in the shadow due the lack of basic knowledge about baby products and their contents. Organic is the way to go for the light of your life. Show your baby you love them. Keep them safe and keep them healthy with organic baby care products.  Find more of them at Joy by Nature by clicking right here.


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