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How to choose a diaper?

Essentially, a diaper has to cater to all your infant’s needs. It should satisfy all the factors such as cost, health and should be the perfect fit for your baby. The fit of the diaper is an important factor as the baby’s weight keeps increasing rapidly in the initial months after its birth. The performance of the diaper is in terms of absorbency and how effectively it helps avoid leaks.

  • Absorbency:

Absorbency is the feature of the diaper that helps absorb any liquid eliminated by the baby and holds the moisture away from the baby's skin. If the absorbency of the diaper is poor, the moisture is retained in the form of dampness and causes diaper rash.A common absorbent material used is SAP (Super absorbent polymer) which absorbs any urine and wet fecal matter and arrests it in the core of the diaper. Organic diapers use other absorbent materials that ensure that there is no irritation on the baby's skin.

  • Leakage avoiding capacity:

A good diaper should effectively eliminate the risk of moisture leakage. This is usually ensured by using a double elastic layer which acts as a sealing edge to make sure that there is no leakage whatsoever. Leakage is also avoided when the material of the diaper is tough and does not become weak when subjected to moisture.

Diaper accessories to incorporate:

To make a diaper last longer, certain diaper accessories are used. These accessories ensure that the diaper does not cause discomfort to the baby and increases its longevity. Common accessories used include:

  • Diaper liners:

Diaper liners are used extensively while using a cloth diaper. They are made of materials that absorb moisture effectively, thus keeping the skin dry. They are inexpensive and help speed up the cleaning process to a large extent. They also minimize the mess caused by fecal matter.

  • Diaper inserts:

Diaper inserts are strips of material that are inserted on the base or top of the diaper. These are usually reusable and made from natural and organic materials such as bamboo, cotton and hemp. They are compact and travel-friendly, prevents rashes an allergies on the skin of the baby and also absorbs excess moisture.

  • Diaper boosters:

Diaper boosters are usually used if the baby tends to urinate very frequently. They contain certain absorbent polymers which locks the wetness and moisture in an odor free gel, thus ensuring maximum comfort of the baby.

Thus, choosing a diaper and diaper accessories are essential for your baby. Invest in standardized and hygienic diapers to ensure that your baby’s bottom remains soft and supple and free from diaper rashes. Click here for more organic diapers and accessories.


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