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One of the difficult parts of the child’s growing up phase is when the mother is struggling to get the child to eat; whether at home or school. A lot of trials and errors & a whole lot of interesting recipes and attractive products like snacks, munchies, designer lunch boxes go into this process to get the child to eat healthy food.

What would you not do to ensure that your child’s lunch box comes back empty! A mother of a school going child is mostly faced with this dilemma of ensuring that the child finishes the Tiffin, washes their hands before and after eating, that the plastic or other material of the lunch box does not harm the food and ultimately the child.

Well, new generation Moms need not worry anymore. A lot of options have now become available in the market to take away this dilemma.

Innovative Lunch Boxes:

A range of innovative Lunch Boxes are available nowadays which come in combinations. A few of them come along with sanitizer bottle; and won’t unlock till the bottle is removed. This way the child remembers to clean their hands before eating.

Sometimes these combos come with specially made kid’s perfumes which made from natural essential oils, which help in refreshing the mind and increase concentration and alertness of the child. So eating doesn’t make the child lazy, it makes them alert instead.

Designs of cartoons on these boxes make them attractive to the children who have fun discussing these characters while they eat at school. Also, since children during the early years are very observant and learn quickly, these designs can prove to be quite stimulating, visually. It will help your child to develop his/her cognitive abilities as well. You can buy lunch boxes with drawings of their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters to keep them interested.


Adding some healthy snacks to the Lunch Box is a good idea to make sure that the child eats their Lunch/Breakfast. If your child is out in the school only for a couple of hours then these snacks are a good option.

Or if your child is at the school for the whole day then adding some cookies or healthy munchies with the Lunch will make it interesting for your child to eat.

Children have a habit of being picky when it comes to their eating habits. So, you need keep it interesting to make them gorge on their lunch. Try these attractive lunch boxes and snacks to keep your child hooked. Click here to know more on how to ensure that the Lunch Box returns empty.


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