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Every Mom has been through the cycle - the confused state of “Oh My God! The baby is crying, I don’t know what to do!!!” to “Okay, I know why you’re crying, let me handle this!” New moms often feel confused or frustrated when their baby is crying continuously and they don’t know what to do. The first step is to relax and observed the signs the baby is giving.

  1. Hunger:

That is the first sign every mother looks for. Babies cry when they are hungry and the signs that accompany this “crying” are usually smacking of lips, snuggling into you when you pick them up or suckling on their thumb or lips. It’s time for nursing, Mom.

  1. Soiled Diaper:

If you have just fed the baby or you feel it is not yet time; check the Diaper. A wet or soiled diaper can cause some babies to cry immediately while some babies turn out to be very comfortable with a soiled diaper and won’t cry for hours!!! Also your baby might cry consistently if it has got a Diaper Rash. Make sure you clean your baby with a BabyWipe and apply a herbal Diaper Rash Cream.

  1. Seeking Attention:

Babies feel the need to cuddle once in awhile and sometimes don’t like to be left alone when awake. Make sure you cuddle your baby when it starts crying so that it realizes that mommy is close.

  1. Change in Environment:

Babies are sensitive to temperature and a slight change can make them cranky. Swaddling the baby in a blanket and cuddle it for a while can help at such times.

  1. Feeling Sleepy:

Contrary to common belief, not many babies can sleep when they want. They often require assistance when they are sleepy and communicate this by crying. If your baby’s eyes seem sleepy or it is yawning; make sure you put your baby to bed immediately. A good massage at the time of bathing, a soft blanket and your cuddle will help the baby sleep soundly and reduce crankiness throughout the day.

  1. Colic:

Colic is very common is babies and is one of the most common reasons for them to cry. Consult your Pediatrician for a good colic medicine. Also lay the baby flat on its back and cycle it’s legs. That cures colic in babies.

  1. Other:

Very small unnoticed things like the cloth tag, tight elastic in pants, a nipple on the bottle that doesn’t suit, an insect bite etc. may well be the reasons for the baby’s crying. If your baby cries continuously and you are worried check the baby for above symptoms and if still unsure see your doctor.

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