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Constant washing leaves the baby’s skin wrinkled and sore. Switch to organic baby wipes to keep your baby clean and rash-free!

Here’s why Organic Baby Wipes are a good idea:

  • They prevent rashes: by using dry wipes, there is no question of wrinkling or rashness of skin. After a wash, the excess water and soap residue can be easily wiped away with wipes so that baby is ready for fresh diapers.
  • No need for excessive powdering: wipes absorb away excess water so there is no need to powder away to glory.
  • Wipes are highly sanitary: each wipe comes fresh from the pack untainted and untouched. Unlike cloth, which can still retain bacteria and dirt even after washes, wipes are extremely sanitary and hygienic. This is crucial, especially where baby skin is concerned.
  • Organic wipes are gentle on baby’s skin: organic wipes, made from natural cleansing agents do both jobs well i.e. they help cleanse away baby skin and, at the same time, nourish the skin to give it that extra vigor. Unlike chemical wipes which ladies use on a day to day basis, these are totally baby-safe and contain no harmful chemicals.
  • Portable: normally, packaged organic wipes fit quite easily into a lady’s purse so you can have it handy if needed.

How to properly use Organic baby wipes

Here are some tips on the proper use of baby wipes:

  • Do not scrub away at the skin as baby skin is delicate. Swipe once and throw used wipe away.
  • Do not use one wipe more than once.
  • If formation of rashes can be seen, be gentle with the wipe as it might burn.
  • You may also use rash creams if rash is mild to severe.

  • It is best to wash the skin before using the wipe but they can be used before wiping as well.
  • Keep the wipe pack sealed using the overlap cover. Do not leave the wipes open or remove all of them from the cover. This helps retain their purity.

You can also use non-synthetic diapers to help ease the rashes. These are easy to clean and are not quite so rough on the skin. They also do not hinder the walk of your child. After carefully wiping the skin, these non-synthetic diapers can be used.  Resizable varieties are also available which assist in walking.

Switch over to organic baby wipes today and get rid of the mess and rashes at one go! Proven to be gentle on the baby’s skin, these organic rashes may also save your baby some tears. Click here to find out more about organic baby wipes.


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