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Taking care of your child’s senses is the first thing you should do as a parent. Your baby’s senses will be very sensitive at least for a few years and constant exposure to very sensitive senses can actually damage your child. Diffuser sets are available all over the world. But what is it that makes diffuser oils different for children. As said earlier, your baby’s strength of scent is quite high and is developing to become accustomed to various scents around the place.

By giving a very strong scent in the house through the use of diffuser oils, your child never actually gets accustomed to the house, but gets accustomed to the smell, which you never want. A child loves territory just like animals do. Therefore, if you change the scent the baby might think that the place isn’t home and might become cranky. Instead, allowing your child to perceive different smells along with the smell of the diffusers can prove healthy.

Diffusers are a part of aromatherapy that can be used to improve the mood in and around the house through the sense of smell. Diffusers use essential oils, which when used in high concentrations, can prove detrimental to your child’s health. Rather, a proper concoction with lesser concentration of essential oils can do the trick.

The diffuser sets consist of three main parts,

  • An urn for placing the lamp.
  • A shallow base.
  • A lamp that can be replaced.

Some essential oils that are used for both aromatherapies as well for the purpose of keeping the room fresh are,

  • Cedar wood oil for relieving tension.
  • Chamomile oil for lifting the mood.
  • Peppermint oil for relieving respiratory congestion and also for calming the mind.
  • Rose oil to treat asthma.
  • Rosemary oil for soothing the mind and enhancing the focus of the mind.
  • Jasmine oil for eliminating the anxiety caused during childbirth.
  • Lavender oil for relieving stress.

Child Safety and Toddlers

The essentiality of diluting essential oils cannot be more stressed. Undiluted essential oils are harmful for adults themselves. So imagine little babies. Another point is that all these essential oils should never be ingested in any manner. It is extremely essential to keep the essential oils away from a toddler. Once consumed, if there is any sign of poisoning, rush to the emergency center. Never is it advised to use essential oils for babies less than 3 months old. Even until 6 months, the usage of essential oils should be restricted to the bare minimum and only certain types should be used.

Essential Oils above 6 Months of Age

Now, the child would be acclimatized to the smell in and around the house and the senses aren’t as fresh and nascent as they were a few months ago. This gives you the opportunity to use a wide range of essential oils at home.

Essential Oils above 2 Years of Age

This is when the child has matured to a certain extent and can be acclimatized and exposed to different scents and essential oils. These oils can be many in number and much, much more than you could use until the age of two.

Essential Oils above 6 Years of Age

Six years of age is when your baby is not a baby anymore, at least with respect to the development of senses. This is the time when you can allow exposure to all kinds of essential oils.

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