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A baby's world is his/her family. So what best way to tell them I love you than to keep them healthy, happy and nourished. Babies generally have very delicate skin in comparison to adults. Thus a baby's skin reacts to stimulus more, gets dried easily and also is moisturized easily. It is our duty to protect their delicate skin. Here are some tips as to how to keep our baby's skin soft and hydrated.

Things to watch out for:

  • Eczema: It is a common condition in babies where we see acne like bumps all over the babies forehead, chin, knee and elbow. It goes away naturally. Most of the time it is due to excessive dryness. If persistent you should meet the doctor.
  • Diaper Rashes: These are small tiny red rashes around the genital region of the babies which come about due to the baby staying in contact with soiled diapers for long periods of time. This can be avoided by regularly changing diapers whenever they get soiled.

  • Watch the sun: Th delicate skin of the baby is easily affected by the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Thus it is advisable to keep the baby out of the sun in the shades or use hooded/body covered clothes. This is better than using sunscreen as the baby's skin is not ready yet to handle that.

Tips for your baby skin care routine:

  • Cleanse: Keeping your baby free of germs is an essential part of baby hygiene. You can do that using a mild cleanser which will help remove germs but at the same time not damage the baby's skin.

  • Moisturize: Immediately after you cleanse your baby it is important to moisturize your baby as baby skin loses water as easily as it gains water. So to prevent the drying caused by the cleanser it is good you moisturize the baby afterwards. Moisturizing at regular intervals is a good practice.
  • Massage: Massaging your baby regularly with baby oil or lotion is one of the most satisfying experiences that a mom and her baby can have. While the lotion and oil plays an important role in replacing the essential skin oils of the baby so that the skin stays supple and healthy, it is the massage that is the real therapy. It has been proven that baby's need regular touching or skin contact which helps improve their mood, cognitive development and also raises their immunity. So regular massaging helps tighten the bond between mother and child thereby giving the baby a feeling of safety and relaxation.

Maintaining a baby's skin is part and parcel of keeping the baby healthy and for having wonderfully supple skin it is a necessity, so if you are interested in viewing some baby care products you can visit here.


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