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Babies, little bundles of joy as they are, also bring with them a lot of pain. Changing diapers, the crying that disturbs your sleep, the constant care and attention they require, the sudden poop scares, and yes, the smells one has to learn to accept.

Even so, we all love that fresh baby smell! Why not enhance this experience by pampering your baby with fresh flowery home-made perfumes!

Here’s why baby perfumes are the way to go

  • Travel: traveling with a baby is hectic enough without having to worry about the smells! Imagine if you could have a perfume handy to have your baby smell fresh even while travelling and undergoing all that diet change.
  • Pleasant smells make babies cry less: it has been proven that babies nearly exclusively engage in sense pleasure i.e. anything they can experience through their sense organs brings pleasure to them. Pleasant smells make for a happy smiling baby, whereas rotten or otherwise bad odors alarm the baby. Why not make your baby smile more with the simple precedent of application of a little perfume? It’s a Win-Win situation!
  • Portable: baby perfumes are portable and handy as compared to messy stuff like powder or cream. Just a dab and ready to go!
  • Baby perfumes are not harsh: unlike adult perfume baby perfumes (especially organic ones) are soothing to baby skin.

How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Perfume Using Organic Oils

You will need:

  1. Spray bottle (preferably with dark covering so perfume remains fresh for long)
  2. Cooking Vanilla (preferably Organic)

  1. Your favored organic essential oil


  • Mix all the essential oils together (if you have more than one)

  • Pour in vanilla essence. Mix well.
  • Add a little more water to help mix well

Tip: Use Rose and Sandal; Jasmine and Lavender; or any other such compatible combinations. Avoid strong scents as your baby may be bothered by the fumes.

Gently clean away dirt and apply directly on baby’s skin. The major advantage to organic baby perfumes is avoiding the harsh chemicals that come in normal deodorants that harm adult skin let alone delicate and soft baby skin!

There you have it! Easy to make and use for your baby’s delicate skin, the oils also lubricate and nourish the skin giving it that extra vigor and shine. Watch your baby smile away to glory, smelling divine with his/her very own home-fashioned organic perfume! Click Here to browse through more fragrant options!


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