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Baby food especially what is the first solid food that has to be given to babies is a highly debated topic and still has contrasting opinions from different sides. The timing to introduce solid food for our babies is when they are 6 months of age. That is considered by pediatricians and nutritionists as the right time to first introduce solid food into the diet of our kids. Traditionally the first solid food given to our kids are various kinds of baby cereals. But nowadays there is a growing debate as to whether this practice is right or not. Well, to be honest nobody has the definitive answer to that!! But what we do know is that a baby has to get his/her nutrients and here are some ways as to ho they can get those so as to grow up as a strong and healthy baby.

What are the solid foods a baby can have?

  • Cereals: Even though this is an arguable one, this is still considered one of the best solid food for babies. Why we argue for cereals is not because of the cereals as such but because most commercial baby cereals are fortified products. Thus they rich in iron, minerals and certain other necessary vitamins for the baby like vitamin C. Iron deficiency is a leading cause for anemia and cognitive dysfunctions in babies. Thus these baby foods are an easy source of iron for the kid.

  • Veggies: this a food section that is never bad. Introduction to mashed or boiled veggies is also a good source of minerals and vitamins to babies. If you have the right mix of veggies then it is considered better than cereals in some cases.
  • Eggs: If you are not a vegan or vegetarian then introducing soft boiled egg yolk(the yellow part) is very good for your baby as it is rich food source. Eggs should be gradually introduced.

  • Fruits: Well fruits again are a highly contested food item for babies as it has high concentration of sugars and some may be too complex for the baby to digest. But nonetheless it is advisable that you slowly introduce fruits, especially banana into your babies food regimen.
  • Meat: Very little amount of meat is also a good source of absorbable iron and protein for the baby. Iron from meat is easily absorbable in comparison to that from veggies like spinach etc. Thus if you are non-vegetarian then this is a good food to introduce to your baby.

Therefore we can conclude that there is no one food that is a sure shot super food for our baby, but rather a a combination of all these foods would be the ideal start for solid foods for babies. By the way there is nothing that beats breast milk in the first year of the baby, so breastfeeding is always advised. Click here for a good choice of organic baby cereal and formula products.


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