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The tiny, helpless new addition to your family can fill you with joy and wonder each time you take a look. It can seem scary at first that there exists a little human who is entirely dependent on you for survival. As you get closer to your child, you will find the bond between you grow deeper and you as a parent will develop the instincts to keep your child happy and safe at any cost. Along with all the emotional turmoil come the tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis to keep your little one healthy such as feeding, bathing, getting the right clothes, and of course, changing diapers.

With each of these tasks, come important decisions for you to make about the accessories you are going to use for taking care of your new baby. Choosing natural and organic products is the healthiest option for your child. The skin of babies is still in the developing stage and the same goes for their immune system. Subjecting them to products which are meant for adults is a terrible idea and having their systems absorb synthetic material is just as bad.

Why choose organic soaps and shampoos for your child?

Choosing organic products is the safest way to make a decision when it comes down to selecting products for your child. Even then, don’t just pick by the label, choose products that are truly natural and organic by checking their ingredients.

Most part of what is applied on the skin is absorbed into the body. When you use shampoos and soaps that are made of synthetic material, you are putting your child’s body at risk. Ensuring that your child is using organic soaps and shampoos is just as important as making sure that they don’t consume anything toxic through their mouths.

How to identify products that are truly organic?

The only way you can be sure if the organic shampoo or soap that you buy for your child is completely natural is by going through the ingredients listed on the packaging. The more synthetic material you find in the list, the quicker you should put it back on the shelf. Here are some ingredients you should watch out for:

  • Paraben or Ethylparaben

This ingredient is commonly used as a preservative in soaps, shampoos and other cosmetic products but as it is derived from petroleum products, may be harmful for the skin in the long run.

  • Sodium oleth

This is an ingredient found in a lot of shampoos and soaps which can be harmful to the scalp and skin of children.

  • Sodium coceth sulphate or Sodium laureth sulphate

These compounds are found listed under the ingredients in a lot of soaps and shampoos and are found to cause allergies in some children.

Your baby is entirely dependent on you for their survival and it is your responsibility to make sure that only the safest products are used in taking care of them. Click here to go through the various natural and organic products available on Joy by Nature to help you in your quest to keep your child safe and happy.


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