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  • Why Are Bibs Needed

Baby meal-times are a messy affair with more food falling onto the baby’s cloth than actually going into his mouth. Tying a bib around your baby’s neck is the most effective way of keeping food from falling on your baby’s clothes. This ensures that instead of landing up with baby-food covered clothes for washing every time he eats, all you have is a bib to wash. Bibs also are a great help for babies who dribble a lot.

  • Different Types of Bibs

Baby bibs come in all shapes, sizes and colors and each with its own advantages and uses.

  • Drool Bibs

Drool bibs are small in size and are mainly for babies who drool a lot. The small size allows your baby the freedom of moving around without you having to worry about him getting entangled in the bib.

These bibs prevent the baby’s dribble from sliding down onto his clothes and soaking them.

  • Scoop Bibs

These are made of plastic with many of them coming with pockets at the bottom which helps to catch food if it falls. This protects the baby’s clothes as well as the floor from becoming messy.

Scoop bibs are not comfortable to wear but serve their purpose effectively during meal times. They can be cleaned easily since one just has to wipe it down after use.

  • Coverall Bibs

Coverall bibs are also made of plastic and rather than looking like a traditional bib, look more like a jumper. As the name implies, coverall bibs cover the baby’s upper body and are good for older babies who can sit and eat on their own but are still inept at handling their food without making a mess.

Coverall bibs are useful as they cover the major portion of the baby’s upper body and also are a great favorite among them because these bibs usually have fun imagery or cartoon characters on them. They can also be easily cleaned.

  • Choosing a Bib for Your Baby

A baby bib is a common inclusion in your baby’s diaper bag, because it is not only useful at home but outside as well. When you are choosing a bib for your baby, you can use some simple tips for making your selection.

  • Your baby should be comfortable in the bib that you have selected for him. Make sure the bib is not too tight, does not have Velcro which can irritate his skin and is made of a soft material.
  • Choose a bib which fits snugly and cannot be removed easily by your baby. A tight-fitting baby bib also helps to minimize mess.
  • Bibs can be either wiped down or washed in the washing machine or dishwasher. Washing instructions vary from brand to brand. So, while buying a bib, ease of cleaning method should be taken into consideration.
  • Make sure you can fold the bib in case you have to pack it in your diaper bag.

Have fun while you try out different bibs for your little one. After all wearing a bib should not be an awkward time for him. Choose a colorful bib for your baby or a bib with his favorite cartoon character. To make your choice from a variety of bibs, click here.


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