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What do these kits comprise of?

Essentially, they should comprise of all the necessary products that will ensure that the baby’s skin remains soft and healthy. The baby should not experience any discomfort, rashes or allergies on its body. Must have essentials in this kit include:

  • Massage oil: Since time immemorial, the importance of massages on babies is known to all. They not only help strengthen the bones of the body, but also nourish the skin from within.They prevent any skin infections and most massage oils have antiseptic properties which is an added advantage. Massage oils also help accelerate the growth of damaged and worn out cells. Organic massage oils are 100% safe and helps relax the baby to a great extent.

  • Moisturizer: Most newborns tend to have really dry and flaky skin. Hence, moisturizing it is essential. Babies get easily irritated with fragrances and dyes in synthetic moisturizers and hence, choosing a good organic moisturizer for your baby is very important. Moisturizers that do not feel greasy but contain anti oxidants that are beneficial to the overall health of the baby are a must have in every skin care routine.

  • Nappy creams:Nothing makes a baby more uncomfortable like diaper rashes do. Hence, it is essential to use nappy creams on your baby to make sure that your baby’s skin is soft and free from rashes. A good organic nappy cream not only relieves the skin from irritation but also helps the skin to recover from previous diaper rashes by healing damaged cells.
  • Body wash: While choosing a body wash for babies, it is important to check if the body wash is free from sulfates, paraben and phthalates. A mild body washwhich is soap free will not irritate the baby’s eyes or cause it any discomfort. Organic body washes which have natural extracts of chamomile or lavender have a sweet pleasant scent and also has a soothing effect on the baby.

  • Baby oil: Often, the scalp is neglected while considering skin care. Babies tend to have crusty and flaky scalps and this condition can be eliminated with the use of an organic baby oil. Baby oil, when applied with a cotton ball on the scalp, moisturizes and nourishes it. It is safe and mild on the skin and is definitely a must have in every skin care kit.

Hence, skin care kits for babies ensure that your baby gets comfort and attention required for its well-being on the whole. It also eliminates the trouble of searching for individual skin care products, best suited for your baby.Click here for more organic baby care products.


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