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Nutrient rich food will help your baby to grow stronger and put a step forward for a healthy life. Generally, 6 months is a good time to begin feeding your baby with nutritious food. However, do consult with your pediatrician before introducing animal protein in your baby’s diet as it sometimes can cause various reactions.

Nutritious Foods for your baby

You must be cautious and constantly keep an eye upon your baby when you have introduced solid food. The nutrients in the food can help in the overall growth of your baby. Here is a list offew important nutritious foods for your baby:

  1. Apple- Apples are magical fruits with important nutritional components like insoluble and soluble fiber. Apples help to keep your baby’s bowel regularity, promotes lung health etc. Feed babies under the age of 8 months with peeled apples or it may upset the stomach.

  1. Vegetables- Veggies like carrot, broccoli, green beans are excellent sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, soluble fiber, calcium, potassium etc. therefore it is necessary that you include boiled vegetables in your baby’s regular diet.

  1. Pulses- Any household has plenty stock of pulses. Dal or pulses are a great source of vegetarian protein. Proteins are essential nutrients for your baby as it helps in his growth. Pulses such as lentils and chickpeas contain iron, which helps in the formation of hemoglobin in your baby.

  1. Millet- Millet or ragi is an excellent source of calcium. It is a significant nutrient for bone development in your child’s body. Ragi also helps in better digestion in babies. The high content of iron and calcium helps in bone development and overall development of your baby.

  1. Wheat- wheat is rich in carbohydrate, which provides the baby with energy. A diet with products made of wheat will ensure that your baby acquires the necessary energy to perform regular work. Wheat is also a good source of vitamins and minerals and the fiber content aids the digestive system in your baby.

Tips to serve your baby nutrient rich food

  • Consult a pediatrician when to begin with solid food.
  • Do not feed everything all at once. Be patient and introduce one or two solid food.
  • Only use organic vegetables, pulses and fruits.
  • Consult a pediatrician if your baby shows any symptoms of reluctance towards solid foods.

Therefore, nutritious foods are an essential part of your baby’s diet. You must not neglect this aspect. Nutritious food will ensure your baby’s growth and development. To know more about nutritious baby food click here.


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