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When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own way. But when nurturing a baby, the source of your happiness. There exists only one way- the right way, . What you do right now will affect the person it turns into.  Love your newborn unconditionally, nurture it with love and care and it might just be a man/woman beyond your expectations. Yes, it may sometimes seem that the crying won’t stop, but a look at your baby should make all your irritations lose colour.

So, the best creation of God deserves the best. Don’t you think your baby should not be exposed to processed good rather than organic ones,? Put the health of the baby first and nurture like it should be nurtured.

How and where to begin?

  • Help your baby get up to 16 hours of maximum sleep in a day. It should be fed in every 4 hours. Sleep keeps them healthy and strong
  • Feed your baby right. Feed your baby non processed, organic baby food. That will see to its overall development.

  • Take care of the hygiene. Infants are prone to infection. So change the baby’s diaper regularly, no matter if it does its funny business or not. Use a good quality diaper for the comfort of your bundle of joy.

  • Cleaning your baby. While some products make tall claims, but nothing is better than a good organic baby soap or shampoo, the baby’s skin is very sensitive, bathe it with warm water.
  • Talk to your newborn, even though you think they may not understand you. Sing, dance with them. Become a kid again
  • Don’t get irritated when the baby won’t stop crying. He’s a baby, he’s in a world he doesn’t know, with a lady who calls herself his mother, he has really wet diaper and he’s really hungry. It would’ve been better if he would’ve just stayed in the womb.
  • Handle and nurture your baby the right way. . The baby’s head is large as compared to the rest of the body. Support the head and then pick it up. He’s very fragile and such a beautiful tiny creation. Pick him up as you would a priceless art piece.
  • Putting your baby on his stomach for a few minutes every day strengthens his arms and develops him mentally.
  • Dress him like he deserves to be dressed.

  • Get a regular appointment with your doctor.

Raising a baby is a feat in itself. It’s like fighting and loving the cutest thing in the entire world. Nothing can even dare to compare to a baby. Babies deserve the best care, or should it be said, the “right” care.  To further know how to nurture your baby the right way, click here.


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