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Parenting is one of the most interesting phases of your life. On one hand, you have to manage the works outside home and in the other hand give equal attention to your child. Therefore, it is advisable that you must plan everything from before. Restock your house with the essentials that will help you to make it through the first one or two months.

Must haves for New Born Babies

While the baby product section can confuse you, you must not get overwhelmed while shopping for baby products. Stick to the essentials and that to good quality essentials. It is advisable to go organic for most of the baby care products, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Here is a list of necessary baby gears that you must have in your home:

  1. Cribs and mattresses- You must buy a new crib. Do not try to save on this one by purchasing a second hand one. Make sure that the crib essentially has all the safety requirements. Buy a couple of mattresses and you are good to go. You can also invest upon a good quality organic sleeping bag. This will ensure that your baby gets a good night’s sleep without kicking off his/her blanket in the middle of the night.

  1. Baby blankets-Baby blankets are savior when you want to lay down your baby outside crib, like in the living room sofa. Apart from that, blankets can be appropriate for receiving and keeping your newborn warm in winters. Receiving blankets are generally thin, soft and flannel knit to provide both warmth and comfort to your baby.

  1. Diapers- Make diapers your best friend. Doctors recommend cloth diapers since they are more natural. Keep your home well stocked with organic diapers, as babies require several each day. Make sure that you buy the right size and best quality diapers for your newborn. Also, buy plenty of organic baby wipes to avoid mess during diaper changing.

  1. Bibs and burp clothes- For the first few weeks your newborn baby will eat and sleep a lot. Therefore, invest upon good quality baby bottles and bibs to ensure easy feeding. Also buy some burp clothes, which will make your feeding process easier.

  1. Diaper Rash Creams- Choose from the variety of organic diaper rash creams available in the market. Avoid the ones with petroleum gel as it may aggravate the irritation.

Therefore, in order to take good care of your newborn you must be a good planner and arrange everything from beforehand. Explore Joy by Nature for organic baby care products or click here.


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