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Mosquitoes are the major cause for any sickness. Be it a sickness or an infection, these mosquitoes happen to be the barrier for the microorganisms to enter into our body. Keeping yourself protected is pretty simple, as you might be immune to its attacks and you can protect yourself. On the other hand, taking care of your baby and keeping it safe from mosquitoes must be a subject of importance. Babies barely know how to lift their head up without support; one cannot expect such a tender human to come with inbuilt self-defense tactics. It is our responsibility to keep the baby safe from mosquitoes.

Organic and simple way is the safe way.

When it comes to taking care of your baby, one must keep in mind that they haven’t acquired the self-defense tactics yet. So the exposure of babies towards harsh and polluted environment must be avoided. Even the chemically formulated aids that keep a fully developed human free from mosquitoesmust be avoided. Organic is the best way to go about it as it is simple and easy and does no harm.  It is literally the safest way to safeguard oneself from mosquitoes or mosquito prone diseases. Here is the list that helps one out in the organic and simple way.

  • Neem: Neem is known for its anti-infectious properties and its bitter smell and taste. The smell can tingle with your occipital lobe and wake you up from drowsiness. Giving the baby drops of neem juice helps him to safeguard from mosquito prone diseases.Or even burning neem leaves in the backyard helps in keeping the mosquito away.
  • Papayas: Papayas are known for their anti-mosquito aura. Ever got a chance to see a papaya tree? One’d notice that there wouldn’t be a single mosquito soul wandering around that tree. Making syrup and juice out of its leaves is the best cure and prevention measure. Or just owning a papaya tree in the backyard keeps the house free from mosquitoes.
  • Benzoin resin: It is also known as the wild turmeric and most commonly known as sambrani. It is lit up in a corner of the room and its smell and smoke fills up the room and keeps the place free from mosquitoes.

One can also consider using neem extract oil or neem candle to stay away from mosquitoes. When it is in regards with burning of leaves or lighting up some element in a room, make sure that the room is empty and the process is carried out without the baby. Keeping the baby in smoke filled room, can lead to distorted ends that no one would want to face.

Hence, keep the baby safe the organic way. Keep the baby safe from mosquitoes the organic way. Minimize the toxicity consumption of the baby and keep it healthy and happy. Healthy babies are the happiest. And the happiest ones are the most beautiful and cutest ones of the lot. Click here to learn more about organic products for the baby and to purchase them.


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