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Parents must make sure that their babies get enough sleep. One of the best ways to do so is by achieving the right environment in which their babies can sleep comfortably. Most toddlers past two years of age will need a pillow. The possible signs are when they rest their head on a toy or on the regular pillows on your bed.

Pillows for toddlers

Regular pillows are not recommended for toddlers for various reasons. They may be too big to start with. The excess of fabric may cause suffocation and discomfort. Besides, regular pillows are too firm to provide a sensitive support. It causes their neck to strain and can result in a poor posture with continuous use. Toddler pillows are designed to provide just enough support by considering the right proportions based on average toddler head size.


It is important to have some knowledge about your baby’s allergies when choosing a pillow for them. It is also one of the best ways to narrow down the choice of pillow from a wide variety of them available in the stores. Try to point out certain materials, like wool or polyester, to which your baby can quickly develop an allergic reaction. And, make sure you avoid the pillows using those materials at all costs.

Soft or firm

Simply put, the pillows that are too soft are not good enough to provide the right support and those that are too firm cannot provide good comfort. Speaking of support, it is about providing an optimum level of basement to hold the baby’s head and neck. Pillows that are too soft can also risk in suffocation. Pillows that are too firm doesn’t provide enough bolstering and results in sleep coming hard. Find a pillow that achieves the right balance. Check for softness or firmness by pressing down on them. If upon release they regain shape too quickly then they are too soft, and if they do not regain shape they are too firm.

Covers, fills and threads

Outer pillow cover materials are usually made of cotton or blended cotton. Make sure you go for organic cotton as they lack the presence of harmful materials like toxins. Pillows with a higher thread count feel silkier and provide the best comfort. Fill materials like foam and feather are soft enough and do not make much noise.

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