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Babies are the most moody creatures ever present on the planet Earth. Making them do something that is against their wish or when their mood is not set, can be as heavy a task as moving a wall. Kids then tend to become irritated and frustrated which in turn effects your mood as your energy gets drained out in the process of making your baby less cranky.

This problem mainly arises when the time to feed them food, comes. Kids generally don’t like things at the first go. Or their lack of appetite might be a problem in making them eat food.

And the lack of food and thus the lurking hunger in the back of their stomach, makes the kids do things which irritates you to the extreme level.

To make sure your baby eats food, you run around the house behind him/her, play with their toys and what not.

But whatever you do, doesn’t have an effect on the diet of your baby. This can lead to health problems which in turn effects the whole family.


Easy way, i.e. selecting organic foods , through which the appetite of your baby can be improved are:

  • Oregano

Okay, so we all know that kids are real smart. When it comes to the home-made food, their taste buds automatically shuts off and they don’t eat the food. But when it comes to the junk food, their taste buds blooms like a flower. So, to add same spice and flavour to your home-made food, add this organic oregano to the list of your purchases. And see the result.

  • Thyme

Thyme is a medicinal herb that has been found to increase appetite among kids. You can chop thyme leaves finely and add it to rice or any curry. It will enhance the flavour and bring out a lovely smell as well.

  • Ajwain

It acts as a superb appetite booster. Give it to the babies of 6 months and above in the form of ajwain water, stuffed in the parathas or as tadka in the food, and see the wonders it does to the appetite of your baby.

  • Chyawanprash

Oh my. This is one thing that has been continually brought in the household of almost every family. It helps in the proper digestion of food, which in turn increases the appetite of the kids .

  • Oatmeal

Being made entirely from whole grain, it is a complete healthy choice to increase the appetite of your little one. It will be easy to feed as well since it can reduced to a completely mushy pulp. Cook in milk until it gets soaked, and add chunks of fruits and nuts if you want to.

  • Cinnamon

Add this powder in the homemade cakes,  pastries, porridge etc. and see as it works wonders o the appetite of your baby as it is known to have ‘hydroxychalcone’ which boosts up the appetite level.

  • Ginger

Ginger can increase he hunger for food amng toddlers and kids. Add crushed ginger and a pinch salt to buttermilk and give it to your child after every lunch. It will help to increase his/her appetite. Ginger is also an excellent medicinal herb, which will ensure proper digestion.

  • Asafoetida

This appetite-increaser can be added to the baby foods like khichdi, buttermilk, or rasam. This increases the hunger in the babies.

  • Basil leaves

Adding basil leaves to your baby’s diet will only improve his/her appetite, but also aid in proper digestion of food. It is a medicinal herb and has antimicrobial properties that will protect your baby from harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Try these methods on your kids, they bring out the best results on increasing their appetite. So till then, keep reading and happy parenting.


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