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Carbs not only provide us calories but also some good carbs provide us vitamins, minerals and fibre. These carbs are very important for a kid’s health because it gives power to the kid to play and run to the fullest he can. These carbs provide the appropriate power to the in their growing age where they can easily take a step forward in gaining height and appropriate weight to stay fit.

Every mother plans to give her child a balanced diet to make him fit and keep him away from malnutrition and make him feel active enough to play with his friends. These carbs are in a number of things. These things are easily available in everyone’s home but one might not be aware of the amount of carbs present in the things that we eat normally.

To make every mother aware of all types of carbs, a mother must know the amount of carbs present in different objects. Just to give an idea of the amount carbs present in different food products. The basic things that usually a mother prefers to give her child for giving her carbs are:

  • Grains

Grains are the most common source of carbs, energy, vitamins and many more nutrients. Grains are something that a mother can never forget to give her child in the right quantity because these grains give children the power to play and use their mind. Grains are known to be the best source of carbs as these contain maximum number of fibre. More the fibre is given to the child, the more energy he gets to grow and to use his mental and physical abilities. The best source of fibres is the organic grains that are organic whole wheat grains or Atta, which is the most reliable source of vitamins and fibre for a child. Every mother has complete faith in this element unless it is a product that satisfies the hunger of the child and provides him with all important nutrients.


  • Pulses

A child might not like pulses because of the taste or may be because they do not find these pulses attractive. However, it becomes a mother’s responsibility how she makes her child eat these pulses. Some try to enhance the taste of these pulses according to the choice of the kids and some try to make kids eat these pulses by just giving them pulses and nothing else to eat with the chapatti which brings the child in a position of no choice but just eat the pulses anyway. Pulses show their best effect if consumed with the best quality ones. The best quality of pulses is the organic pulses that do not have any chemicals in it and are most suitable for the body. Pulses provide a good amount of proteins and carbs to the kids and are very nutritious for kids.


  • Cereals

Cereals are the best for giving the kid the best breakfast. Cereals are usually low on sugar but high on fibre which helps a child in achieving the right amount of calories and carbs that are required for the child during his growth period. This growth period for a child as this period is the time when a child can grow his physical and mental abilities by eating the right food that provides him the best nutrients that are essential during the growth period. The best effect can be seen by the organic cereals that are made of all natural elements and have the whole of nutrients that should be present in it.


  • Rice

Rice is something that can be paired with anything and everything. Rice is a part of the favourite dish of every kid which is Rajma- rice. No child ever misses this dish and always eats it when it is available. This is something that has a good amount of sugar but also it has the exact amount of carbs and fibre present, especially boiled rice. Rice has been and essential product when it comes on what is appropriate for the growth of the child. Rice has always shown the benefits it has like providing the right amount of energy and carbs that rice provides. Mothers always think rice as the second best alternative in place of grains as these few things are the means of energy for a child in his growth years.


  • Honey

Honey is the sweetest and the healthiest product that can be given to a child. Honey can be used in any form, that is, in milk, in cereals, in lime water, in any other desert and many more things. The list for adding honey in the other products for a kid does not end anyway. Honey is a natural sweetening element that sweetens every aspect without any artificial chemicals or any preservatives. Honey has a good amount of carbs in it and is best for the kids as this natural sweetener is mainly used to give children something sweet and equally healthy. One may easily count on organic honey which is the purest bees honey and does not have any other chemical.

Carbs are the most important source of energy for a kid as this nutrient gives the child the capacity to grow physically and mentally during his growth years. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for a mother to be aware of the amount of carbs present in basic things to give the child the appropriate amount of essential nutrients . In this case, the organic products are the most trustworthy products that can be easily picked up by a mother without a doubt.


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