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Babies are tender fruits of nature and are delicate enough to be harmed by nature itself. The baby from the time of conception is protected by the mother, first by her body then by her care. During her pregnancy her body safeguards her child, keeping him/her at the right temperature and hence there is no need for its body’s temperature regulation system to interfere.

Once born the baby needs 1-2 days to carry on its own and control its temperature. Grownups sweat to cool down and shiver to warm up, all by themselves, but the baby can’t. Hence, it is your responsibility as a parent to take care of their needs during their tender period.

Things you need to know about your baby’s body temperature:

  • The comfort temperature of your baby is between 36-37 o
  • If the baby has a red face, irritated mood and a hot and sweaty neck and tummy, you should know the baby feels too hot and is uncomfortable.
  • If the baby has a pale face, blue lips, decreased appetite and is inactive more than usual, you should know your baby is feeling cold.

Out of the several causes that affect the baby’s body temperature, one aspect is the environment taking a toll on the baby. We can properly control this by providing the baby proper clothing. Selecting the right clothing for your child is as important as selecting his/her diet.

Type of clothing for the baby:

Cotton, wool or bamboo!

Cloth made of cotton, wool and bamboo are the best you can get to provide for your child. Clothes made out of these materials trap the warmth and let the moisture through keeping the baby warm and dry. Even though they are slightly expensive than the synthetic alternatives, these are the best for your baby. Some baby clothing are semi-synthetic i.e. they have blends of both natural and synthetic materials which is ok if you want to consider it but the more natural fibre clothing the better.


Muslin is another great material for your baby as it is soft, smooth and skin friendly. It also traps the heat and is a very harmless material considering the tender health of the toddler.

For outdoor

For a baby’s day out, he/she should be well covered and should be exposed as less as possible to keep the pollutants and fluctuating temperatures at bay. It’s better to put a hat and a jacket and then cover the baby in soft clothing.

Babies are very delicate till the 21st day after birth and are still not strong enough till the 3rd month. During this period, excessive care should be taken to ensure the baby’s health remain stable and good.The key is to keep the baby in natural surrounding as much as possible by using organic and natural products and methods.


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