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A baby’s skin is gentle, soft and delicate. It is free from marks and wrinkles that people develop later in their life. You would want to protect your baby’s skin from weather, pollutants and other things that deteriorate the skin.

Some tips to ensure that your baby’s skin stays smooth, soft and moisturized are:

  1. The number of baths per week for your baby should be limited to three times only. Frequent bathing results in loss of natural oils from the outer skin of your baby, which makes the skin dry and rough. Also, babies do not get that dirty to be required to take a bath on daily basis.
  1. Choosing right diapers also plays a monumental role in keeping your baby’s skin soft. Diapers made from organic cloth are most suitable for babies. Although many disposable diapers claim to be rash free, they always cause rash on your baby’s delicate skin. Cloth diapers, on the other hand are completely rash free. Also, cloth diapers are completely free from chemicals such as chlorine and polyacrylate, which are harmful for your baby’s skin.

  1. If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash, which is caused due to wetness of a soiled diaper, the best solution is to apply a diaper rash cream. A typical organic diaper rash cream includes zinc oxide for healing rashes effectively, and almond oil and aloe vera to soften the sore skin.

You can also use Calendula extract for this purpose. It is extracted from the petals of the common pot marigold and is overloaded with properties that are beneficial to the skin. It has proven moisturizing capabilities and is also helpful in tissue repair and reduces swelling to treat wounds.

  1. Baby skin cannot stay hydrated on its own for long. You must use a moisturizer to keep the baby’s skin hydrated as it will prevent the baby’s skin from becoming rough. The most important thing while choosing a moisturizer for your newborn is that the moisturizer should be mild so that it cannot affect the baby’s skin in a negative way.

  1. Baby soaps should be chosen such that they are free from harmful chemicals, rather any chemicals and also these should not be irritating to the eyes of the baby. Given the above conditions, organic baby soap is the most suitable choice for the baby.

  1. Giving daily massage to your baby is as important as your meals. It should not be skipped at any cost. Since touch triggers hormones and boosts immunity, baby's health depends on being touched by others. Also, babies who are given massage regularly sleep better, and cry less, which is like a dream come true for parents.

It is advised to use skin care products made especially for babies, which include tear free shampoos, bath gels, and lotions. Notice the baby’s reaction to the product used as chances are that your baby might be allergic to some kind of substance.


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