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Although adults are concerned about obesity in their children, there are many such parents who are worried about their skinny children. The main concern is how to provide nutritional food that can help them be healthy as well as gain considerable amount of weight. This is important so that they develop a proper immune system to help prevent diseases. There are many solutions to it that can be followed sitting at home by changing eating behaviors, such as cutting off junk foods, choosing nutritional high-calorie food or even organic cereals and food.

It is also important to first understand and identify the causes that give rise to the weight issues.

  1. Sickness:

Children can eat in bits. The reason behind it can be any health disorder. It can also be a reason of hormonal disorder or undiagnosed food allergies. In some cases, children are so active that they tend to lose more weight that gaining it.

  1. Physician:

If your child is going through any kind of medication, the pediatrician can well advise you on the diet needed for the child to gain weight.  Some medicines too tend to lower the appetite of children.

  1. Special plan:

Usually for infants, the reason of less weight can be improper breastfeeding or liquid diet that is being followed. If this is the reason, then the doctor should be consulted immediately. Early weight development is important for the child’s growth so it is advisable to consult first and then take necessary steps.


Steps to improve weight gain:

Before jumping to pills, supplements or even organic food, it is important to try a few steps that can initiate a healthy diet of your child.

  1. Make meal time important:

Making meal time important for kids and setting a good example as parents is imperative to make them realize the importance of the food they are eating. Concentration on the food, with proper chewing is necessary for proper digestion.

  1. Regular exercise:

Exercise is associated with weight gain rather than weight loss but if it is teamed with the right choice of food, it is useful in gaining weight as well. It can increase appetite if children exercise right before having their food.

  1. Say no to unhealthy food:

Although junk and other food like cakes and chocolates have high-calorie count and are known to increase weight, they harm the body as well. Healthy calorie-rich food should be a part of the diet and not these unhealthy junk ones.

  1. Drinking habits:

It is important to regulate what and when your child is taking any liquid. Drinking water is important but too much of it can fill the stomach thus preventing hunger. It is equally important to make milk a major part of the child’s diet.

Five foods that can help babies gain weight:

Here is a list of few food items that can help increase weight of the child. It includes cereal supplements to home cooked recipes.

  • Whole cream Milk:

Whole cream milk is a very important liquid that has to be included to help increase the weight of your child. It is full of calcium and rich in healthy calories. You can also mix organic vanilla or chocolate flavor to make it tastier and prevent yourself from the hassle of feeding your child.

  • Bananas:

Bananas are excellent source of carbohydrates and energy. These can be mashed with a spoon if feeding an infant or taken straightaway. Bananas can also be mixed with cereals and served as breakfast.

  • Ragi:

Ragi with jiggery can help gain substantial weight. There are various ways in which ragi can be served: either by making porridge or soup or cake. It can also be served as breakfast as it is available in the form of organic cereal which can be mixed with milk.

  • Nuts:

Nuts are enriched with proteins and fats. For infants it can be powdered and mixed in their food and others can simply bite it down.

  • Sweet potato:

It is rich in sugar and beta carotene. Sweet potatoes can be mashed or whipped in milk or cheese to feed kids. This not only becomes a tasty food but also a very healthy one to gain proper weight.

It is important to realize that sometimes kids do not gain weight, no matter how much they are fed, because of the formation of the body structure in that manner. It is therefore advisable to make sure that your child is not gaining weight due to medical reasons before feeding them excess nutrient rich diets.


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