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Hormones in the body during pregnancy cause swelling, bleeding gums, cavities etc. Good oral hygiene through proper organic oral care methods helps in avoiding infections affecting the health of your baby.

Studies have increasingly shown that dental care is also an important factor for ensuring the health of your baby. It is advisable to get dental checkups both before and during pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body cause the gums to swell and bleed leading to problems such as gingivitis and plaque. This in turn affects the health of the baby and causes precocious birth and other complications. Therefore, it is essential to have regular dental checkups and avoid oral problems along with maintaining a healthy diet.

What about regular dental work?           

Dental work such as cavity filling may be continued but it is best to complete these within the second trimester as first and third trimester are crucial for the baby’s growth. Although X-rays have been proven to have no effect on the baby, it is best to avoid these. Dental procedures are only advisable in case of emergencies.

It is important to inform your dentist of the medication you are taking during pregnancy as the dental plan will have to be according to that. Although mild anesthesia does not affect the baby, it is important to be in a comfortable position and avoid stress as much as possible. Long periods of lying in uncomfortable postures can contribute to this stress so avoiding any complicated procedure is advisable.

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Proper dental care during pregnancy:

During pregnancy it is important to take care of the following factors:

  • Avoid complicated medication: Be careful about the over-the-counter pills and vitamins. In this case it is always best to trust only organic products. A large amount of iron is essential for the health of the baby. These are generally available in supplements.

  • Take a balanced diet: it is essential to take a balanced diet. In the second trimester, the baby’s teeth begin to develop therefore it is essential to maintain a vitamin rich diet with enough calcium and protein. The calcium especially will be beneficial for both the mother and child.

  • Brush and floss well: In case morning sickness prevents you from properly brushing, select organic flavored toothpastes which will also assist in recovering from morning sickness. It is important to remove all food debris from between the teeth both after rising and before sleep.

It is also a good idea to massage the gums with a safe cleansing agent.

  • Have preventive and cleaning exam during your pregnancy: To avoid risk, it is best to have dental cleaning and preventive examination so that any problem might be detected and avoided before it causes complications.
  • Postpone non-essential dental work: All dental work should be avoided unless in an emergency. This is because long hours on the dentist’s chair causes stress and in turn may stress your baby. Also, the medications and anesthesia given during a dental surgery are, while not harmful, to be best avoided.
  • During any essential dental work try your best to stay as comfortable as possible: in case it becomes essential to undergo a dental procedure, try not to cross your legs and continue normal circulation and be as comfortable as possible. Also, inform your dentist of your pregnancy so that he/she may take appropriate measures.
  • Do NOT avoid dental checkups: Important complications may evade your attention if not previously checked up. Therefore, it is important to regularly get dental checkups done so that your dentist may be able to identify problems beforehand and if not, at least prevent them.

Prevention is always better than cure and, where the future well-being of a child is concerned, it is best to take no risks. Taking good dental care is but a step in the process but as necessary as good nutrition and well-being of the mother. To avoid complications while pregnant, it is best to care of one’s own body as one would do for a child. After all, what is more joyous than a happy healthy child?


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