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You may not believe but a research has been conducted on a baby's cry! Tested on more than a thousand little ones, this theory soon became true.

  1. When the baby goes "Neh! Neh!" : This is the baby's way of conveying that it needs food. Make it fast please! Science says that tongue hits the roof when the sucking reflex enters in to emit this sound.
  2. When the baby goes "Owh! Owh!" : The way it makes this sound lazily easily tells that it wants rest. Uff! All the day's hard work!
  3. When the baby goes "Heh! Heh!": No, its not laughing. Hear carefully! Actually it is the opposite. It is expressing its sadness or discomfort. The reason could be anything from a disease to a diaper or cloth change.
  4. When the baby goes "Eair! Eair!": Listen carefully! Don't make noise! Listen! It is coming from the deep abdomen. Surely it must be gas! The baby is surely looking restless. Yes! It is gas!
  5. When the baby goes "Eh! Eh!" : Actually, thank you! That was a good fill! This is what the baby says. But now it needs to burp. Therefore "Eh!" there again.

Now there are many more reasons for that rebellious cry. Oh! Little one! Stop! If you want to do less of the controlling job, quickly know the reason!

  1. Hunger: It just cannot be controlled by the baby. Apart from the sharp and severe cry, you may notice that constantly, it puts its fingers in the mouth or smacks it lips.
  2. Dirty Diaper: The little master/mistress is unable to bear the dirty smell. Keep an eye on the diaper constantly.
  3. Sleep: Babies need to be put to sleep almost immediately when they are tired. So, calm it when it gets cranky or even shows its first yawn.

  1. Need for cuddling: They want to get closer to you. You must lift them and bring out some of your love on it.
  2. Stomach problems: This could be the most dangerous reason. Often babies exhibit uncontrollable cries which last for hours and days together, a condition called colic. Consult a doctor immediately.
  3. Change in temperature: Due to the tenderness of its skin, it feels more weight and hurt when the thermometer dances. So keep the environment stable.
  4. Micro-things: Some babies get irritated by small things like a strand of hair or some fabric. Observe around when it cries for no other possible cause.
  5. Surroundings: The tiny and developing brain can’t take them all! So keep it away from loud music and flashing lights. Also too much of chatter can throw it into confusion and cry. Note that some babies are always geared up for an outing.

The best mother for all humans on Earth is Mother Nature. She comes up with a variety of cures for anything and everything

  1. To cure hunger there are a variety of superfoods available. Squash for example is sweet to drink plus is rich in Vitamin A and C. Basil and Oregano weighs a lot in proteins. Avocados give your baby the required content of unsaturated fat.
  2. To prevent baby gas hold the baby while breastfeeding in such a way that its head and neck is at a more height than the stomach. Move in small and smooth circles over its tummy, massaging it.

  1. During baby fevers, it is recommended to stick to a high nutrition and high fluid diet. This may include refreshing fruit juices and coconut water along with dried fruits or maybe nuts with milk.
  2. Powdered cumin and fennel seeds along with almond results in a powerful combination which helps the baby gain weight initially or after a disease.

  1. For loosening the baby's internal motion system, cereals high in bran and peaches, plums as well as prunes is recommended.
So, give constant attention to your baby and always keep a clean and healthy atmosphere around it. It is time to step some moves to its "Wah! Wah!"


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