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The outbreak of acne is an annoying problem to all skin types. However, for oily skin type, acne is a great problem due to excessive oil secretion that clogs the skin and results in acne outbreak. If you want to get rid of acne and maintain a healthy beautiful skin then Sandalwood is the best home remedy.  Sandalwood has antibacterial properties that make is suitable to treat acne. It suits all skin types and helps to get rid of pimples without much hassle. Applying sandalwood also helps in preventing further eruption of acne and pimples. Not only does it exfoliate your skin but it also soothes the skin after removing dirt.

On the one hand, you will be able to see your acne getting lesser and lesser. On the other hand, you will also notice the multi-fold benefits of sandalwood in skin lightening and sun tan reversal.

Here is a simple four-step acne treatment plan that you can do at your home!

  1. Sandalwood anti-clogging face wash

The  main reason behind acne is the excess production of sebum and oil in the skin. These clog skin pores and do not allow for your skin to breathe. Once skin pores are filled with oil, it becomes easier for dust and dirt to accumulate in them and cause pimples and acne.

An easy way to solve  the acne problem is to include sandalwood in your skin care regime. Begin by taking two tablespoons of Sandalwood and mixing it with rose water. Apply the mixture to your face to unclog pores. This suits all skin types and is especially useful for people who have acne and pimples.

  1. Sandalwood and turmeric night care treatment

Acne is hard to fight as it is persistent. Especially for those with oily skin, acne erupts even before you know that your skin is undergoing some damage.

An easy way to fight this problem is to use turmeric, sandalwood and milk. Turmeric is a strong antiseptic and antimicrobial agent that fights with infection-causing microbes. It also helps to prevent infections. Sandalwood also has astringent properties and helps to clear acne from the skin. Milk softens skin and hydrates it. It also helps to soothe pores after the astringent activities of turmeric and sandalwood have begun.

Take two tablespoons of fresh Sandalwood powder and add two teaspoons of organic turmeric powder. Add warm milk and mix well to form a smooth paste. Apply this to your face and allow it to stay until it dries. You can later remove with warm water.

Don’t worry if your skin is coloured mildly yellow after this treatment. It actually means that the treatment has worked. The colour will automatically fade away in some time. Hence, it is best that you use this face pack as a night care regime.

  1. Sandalwood scrub

Sandalwood also helps in exfoliating dead cells and softens skin. Exfoliation not only removes dead cells but also accumulated dirt.

In order to maximize the effects of exfoliation, it is best to use a face scrub and face pack combination. Scrubbing skin helps to remove dirt and dead cells with ease.

To  make your own face scrub, take two tablespoons of natural Sandalwood powder and add one tablespoon of black chickpea powder to it. Mix them together into a paste by adding rose water.

Apply this mixture to your face and scrub in circular motions for five minutes. You can then leave it as is for about half an hour and then wash with cold water.

Once done, apply some sandalwood oil to your skin to soothe it. This will remove dead cells and dry pimples, leaving your skin clearer and fresher. This replenishes skin and gives you the care that you need every day.

  1. Sandalwood anti-acne care

Sandalwood oil works wells with lemon and rose water. You can make a different exfoliating Face Pack that prevents acne and also treats it.

For this, take two tablespoons of sandalwood powder or one tablespoon of sandalwood essential oil. In a different vessel, take two tablespoons of organic Oats and add one cup of water. Allow the water to boil and cook well until the oats soften. Add four to five rose petals to this and allow it boil well. Mash well to form a paste. You can also add rose water or rose essence instead of the petals.

Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and the sandalwood to the cooked oats. Mix well to form a thick paste. Finally add one tablespoon of Organic Honey to the mixture and stir well.

Now, wash your face with mild soap and wipe it dry. Apply the mixture as a face pack and wait for about twenty minutes until it dries. You can then rinse with cold water.

There are multiple benefits of using this face pack once a week. The lemon extract present in the face pack has exfoliating and skin lightening properties. This helps undo the damage due to sun exposure through the week. Oats helps to lighten skin and also acts as a natural scrub to remove dirt. Rose water soothes the skin and the aroma helps to relax your body and mind. In the end, organic honey acts as a skin toner to protect the skin that has just been cleaned and softened.

Try this four-step acne care treatment at home to help reduce and wipe out acne problems. To know more about sandalwood preparations, click here.


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