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What is a whole grain or Unpolished Cereal?

Whole grains consist of three parts namely- bran, which is the outer cover, the middle layer, is called endosperm, and the innermost layer is a germ. The bran and germ constitute the most nutritious part of the cereal. Together, they contain a high amount of fiber, vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants. The bran is what provides you with natural wholeness. It is the raw grain, which has not undergone chemical treatment, thereby retaining all its nutritional values.

What is polished cereal?

The raw, unprocessed cereal when undergoes refining process, it turns into polished cereal. During refinement, the whole, the most nutritious parts of the grain, i.e., the bran and the germ is removed. The only part that remains is the endosperm, which is primarily rich in carbohydrates and devoid of nutrients. Therefore, the cereal looses all its dietary values.

Harmful effects of polished cereals

  1. High content of starch and carbohydrate in these cereals are one of the main reasons behind health disorders.
  2. Polished cereals are almost without any natural fiber which makes them bad for digestive system
  3. Refined or polished cereals undergo chemical treatment. It can contain as much as 30 chemicals, which are added during refinement process.
  4. Polished cereals are seldom nutritionally balanced.

So why eat organic unpolished cereals?

Unpolished grains  and cereals are the closest that you can get to natural products. Therefore, it is a storehouse of all the useful nutrients that is good for your health. Here are a few reasons why unpolished cereals are the best.

  1. Rich in minerals- Unpolished cereals like brown rice, wheat, pulses are rich in minerals like selenium, manganese, the presence of these minerals helps your body to fight cancer, heart ailments. In addition, manganese helps your body to synthesize fats.

  1. Contains naturally occurring oil- Naturally occurring oils are retained in the unpolished grains as they do not undergo chemical treatment. These oils help in controlling cholesterol levels.

  1. Rich in antioxidant- Antioxidants present in unpolished cereals helps in the regeneration of cells and reduces cell damage.
  1. High on fiber content- Unpolished cereals are high in fiber since they retain their natural bran. Fibers help your body to get rid of harmful toxins, thereby reducing the possibility of cancer.

Therefore, people than their polished counterparts prefer unpolished cereals more. People these days believe in healthy living and food habits and by choosing unpolished organic cereals, you become a part of the healthy beginning. For more information on unpolished organic cereals, you can explore Joy by Nature or click here.


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