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Cellulite problems can happen to anyone whether they are on the slightly heavier side or even if they are thin. Cellulite is fat which has accumulated underneath your skin; they tend to make the skin appear lumpy and are mostly found in the hip, thigh, and buttock area. It has many scientific names such as ‘adiposis edematosa’ and is also referred to as cottage cheese skin and orange peel syndrome and other names. In order to know how to get rid of cellulite, we must first understand what causes cellulite.

Causes of cellulite:

  1. Due to hormones or hormonal reasons – hormones and hormonal factors could be one of the prime reasons for theaccumulation of cellulite.It cannot be accurately pointed out what exactly causes cellulite. Some hormones such as estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormones are said to produce cellulite in the body.
  2. Hereditary or genetic- Cellulite formation can also be due to some genes present in the body. It can influence a person’s body to react to certain characteristics which are linked to cellulite and causes slow metabolism, distribution of fat below the skin, insufficient circulation to name some.
  3. Unhealthy or poor diet- what you eat plays a crucial part and for those who follow unhealthy food habits are easy targets of cellulite accumulation. Those who eat plenty of carbohydrates, fatty food substances, plenty of salts and very little fiber tend to have cellulite issues.
  4. Bad habits and lifestyle choices- a bad habit like smoking can cause cellulite accumulation and also affect those who don’t exercise at all or devote very little time to exercising.
  5. Tight fitting clothing- Wearing tight clothes which donot give any air for your body to breathe can cause cellulite problems. Elastic underwear pants which aretightcan lead to cellulite accumulation.

Natural ways to treatcellulite:

  1. Consumption of Omega-3sNot all fats can be harmful to your body; in rightmoderation, it can actually be beneficial to your health. The fatty acids and soluble vitamins of omega-3s are said to decrease cellulite formed in your body.
  2. Dry brushing-It is a method of dry brushing your skin by using a special brush with bristles that invigorate Dry brushing before a shower helps open the pores of your skin and also feels great.

  1. Detox baths-Cellulite is also caused by toxins present in the body. Cleansing the body by taking a detoxifying bath helps nurture the skin and keep it healthy.
  2. Moisturize-A simple way to ensure you maintain healthy skin devoid of toxins would be to moisture it and also by applying some coconut oil.

Cellulite removal can be possible by simply following a better lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet and by following some of thepoints mentioned above to cure your cellulite issues. Click here to see more products.


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