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Chicken supplies for the maximum amount of protein in our diet, but what about the vegetarian? It has been found that soya products  offer the equal amount of proteins and nutrients in our diet as non- vegetarian food do. They are rich in vitamin, minerals, protein and other vital nutrients which act as an efficient supplementary to meat products in our diet.

Soya is a type of legume and soyabean is a globally important crop that provides for oils and proteins.

What are the forms in which soya products are available?

You must be wondering that soya products are available only in the form of pulses and beans. This is not true. Soya products are available in the form of Soy Milk, tempeh (a kind of soy cake), tofu, and Soya sauce. They can also be added to bread or bun and can be used as a replacement for chicken in burgers and hot dogs.

Nutitional value of Soya Products

Soya products contain a good amount of plant based protein which make them ideal for vgetarian diet. Apart from proteins, they also contain water, carbohydrates, carbs and fats, fibres, vitamins, minerals like copper, thiamin, manganese etc. The protein that soya products offer is a relatively stable storage protein.

Benefits of soya products

The disease that is the cause of maximum number of deaths in the society is cancer. Reseachers have proven consumption of soya products  to be beneficial to reduce risks of breast cancer in females and prostrate cancer in males.

Regular intake of soya products is found to be helpful in reducing menopause symptoms in females and also the chance of reduced density of bones (osteoporosis).

Past research show that consumption of soya protein can reduce the level of LDL cholestrol in the body.

Consumption of soy beans prove to be of maximum benefit.

Things to be kept in mind

The amount of soya products should be kept in mind. Over consumption of soya products may result to be harmful for health. The side effects of soya products can be unpleasant and may cause common digestive disorder. High consumption of soya product may cause flatulence and diarrhea.

Some people may have allergy to soya products. This allergy is triggered mainly due to glycinin and conglycinin which is present in soya. Some people may also be allergic to soya protein. Though, the allergy to soya products is very uncommon among people.

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