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For most women, one of the happiest moments in our life is the news of becoming pregnant. The next few months are spent with great difficulty. Eventually, a baby is born, and this results in the introduction of a new one in the family. On the contrary, some people are extremely misfortune. They lose the ability to reproduce by any natural means. This is considered to be a great defect in an adult being. This fact devastates the person emotionally.


STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is one way by which the risk of infertility increases.

Smoking, drinking, usage of drugs, etc. People using tobacco are more prone to infertility.

In females, one of the main causes of infertility is the structural defects in the uterus and/or the fallopian tube.

Uterus-related diseases, pelvic diseases, problems concerned with ovulation,etc. are also responsible.

In males, the deterioration in the quality and number of semen and sperm is due to factors such as infections, usage of drugs, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Consequences Due To Infertility

It has an effect on the psychological state of a person. The person experiences great distress, marital conflicts, emotional problems, etc.

There are social issues that come up due to infertility. He/She might not be socially accepted and considered as a misfit.

However, the troubles faced by a person intrapersonally are much greater than the above-discussed ones. The person loses self-confidence, self-esteem, becomes inferior, emotionally weak and unstable.

How to overcome these issues?

If the reproductive structures of a woman are in good condition and if there is nothing wrong with the sperm production in a man, despite having infertility issues, basic surgeries, and other such medical treatments are recommended as they cause no harm.

There are other ways also in which it can be treated organically. A complete and perfect treatment might not be guaranteed this way, but the development of other problems, a complication of the present condition, side-effects,etc. can be avoided. The organic foods are grown with very less usage of pesticides, insecticides and hence the target is achieved.

Getting a “Certified Organic” status isn’t easy. The farms must mandatorily avoid using any antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides, etc. These days, organic foods are available almost everywhere in-and-around every corner of a locality but are expensive. They can be bought online too.


Organic foods such as organic meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts are highly recommended by the doctors. Processed foods must be avoided. If the organic foods are too expensive, other foods that contain little amounts of toxins and contaminations can be bought.

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