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It is an embarrassing situation to be in when your first impression on someone is your bad breath. Around 80 million people worldwide suffer from bad breath or halitosis. It is typically caused due to gum disease, poor oral hygiene and coated tongue. Culmination of bacteria in our mouth in places such as the tongue, below the gum and teeth create unpleasant sulphurous smells. Other causes are malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes or a dry mouth. Sore throat or other infections such as intestinal disorders, ulcers and lactose intolerance can also result in bad breath.

There are several ways and means one can get rid of the trouble of having a bad breath.

A few generic ways to hold off bad breath are easy home remedies-

  • Rinsing your mouth out

A simple mouthwash can be used to rinse out one’s mouth. Not only does it freshen one’s breathe, it also kills bacteria in the mouth. However, it is imperative to choose a mouthwash which does kill germs and not only covers up the smell. A good mouthwash can arrest bad breath at its source.

  • Brushing and flossing

Plaque is a sticky layer often formed over teeth which collects bacteria and causes bad breath. Food trapped between teeth also causes the same problem. We were always taught to brush at least twice a day but if you are apprehensive about your breath, it can be done more often.

  • Scraping the tongue

The white coating that forms on your tongue is a combination of bacteria, dead cells and food debris which can be another cause of smelly breath. Brushing the tongue gently or using a scraper, which is designed to apply even pressure across the tongue area, are some ways to remove these.

  • Chewing sugar free gum

Sugar-free gum helps speeding up the production of saliva in your mouth which in turn flushes out bad bacteria, along with which it masks any odour forcertain duration. Chewing gum with sugar can feed bacteria hence sugar free gums are preferred.

  • Avoid smelly foods such as garlic, onion and spices which may cause or add to foul breath.

  • Drinking sufficient amount of water daily is a good way to avoid a dry mouth. Drinking water keeps the odour under control because it washes away food particles and bacteria which are the primary cause of bad breath.
  • Snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables steps up your saliva flow and washes away bacteria from teeth, tongue and gums that cause bad breath. An empty stomach can cause foul breath as acids in the stomach build up.

Foul breath is a problem which can be countered in many simple ways and it’s important to accept these remedies so as to not leave a bad impression on people you talk to and boost your self-confidence. Visit joybynature to look for great offers.


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