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Summer time is awaited for many interesting activities like swimming, morning & evening walks, pool side picnics etc. However, swarm of irksome insects and bugs refuses to leave our company. We are here to help you find ideas that would not let insects bother you during your outings. Here we would discuss about reliable and safe ways to keep bugs and mosquitoes away –


Moths can be best eliminated with the help of cedar wood. Place blocks or shredding of cedar wood inside your wooden closet to keep pesky moths away. Cedar would keep your closets and the clothes safe.

Peels of Citrus Fruits

Peels of citrus fruits can keep spiders at bay. Plus, it would also spread a nice tangy flavor indoors. Rub down the peels or lemon or orange over the surface areas where spiders love to come. These could be areas like window sill, behind bookshelves etc. Citrus peels would also bring shine to your furniture so use them that way also.

Eucalyptus-Lemon Oil

Mixture of eucalyptus and lemon oil is a potent insect repelling product. Use a diffuser to diffuse this mixture or dab them around with a cotton ball. They would show amazing results.

White Vinegar Spray

Spritz white vinegar with a spray bottle on carpets, door mats and behind-the-door joints. This would keep ants away. Just ensure your silk carpet doesn’t lose its original color.

Plant Herbs

Make small herbal planters and place them all over your home, inside as well as outside. While aroma of these herbs will keeps bugs and insects away, you can enliven your cooking by adding few sprigs in your dishes. Planters of herbs like garlic, mint, basil, bay leaves, catnip etc will be of great use.

Baby Powder

Though a baby powder is not a completely natural product, it is still better than those toxic repellants. Sprinkle baby powder around your home, especially where insects are usually seen, and insects like wasps, bugs and even yellow bees will stay away.


Get usual chalk sticks that are used in schools. Draw chalk lines over the areas frequented by insects and they would never cross those chalk lines.


Keep your kitchen shelves and counter free of insects with the help of cucumber slices. Place cucumber slices and ants will stay away.


You can grow onion plant in your garden and it will help in keeping surrounding plants safe from bugs, ticks and insects. Another effective way is to keep sliced onion in water bowls all around the place and insects will keep distance.

Vanilla Extract

Mix vanilla extract with water and a pleasant-smelling insect repellant is ready to work.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf has strong aroma and is efficient enough to keep insects like moths, cockroaches, mosquitoes and earwigs away.

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