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Out of the millions of skin product available, choosing the best one for you among them can be a tricky job. Most of the products available in the market are for a specific skin type. So finding the one that suits you is the main job. So here is a guide how to choose a skin care product for your skin!

  • Analyse your skin

Each one of us has a different kind of skin with its own combination of problems. However, broadly skin can be differentiated into dry, oily and normal skin. People also have combination skin, which their t-zone is comparatively oilier than the rest of the face.  After analysing your skin type, you can find out the basic products that you can use accordingly. For example the kind of toner. Oily skin needs a strong toner whereas normal to dry need a gentle toner.

  • Understand your skin problems

Each kind of skin comes with its own set of problems. Oily skin comes with greasiness and breakouts. Dry skin comes with flaky skin, undernourished skin with is super sensitive. Combination skin comes with all the problems! Sad! But don’t worry once you understand your problem you can find the right treatment.

  • Purpose of the product

The next thing would be to determine the purpose of the product you are using or the time you want to use it. for example, you want to use a night cream or a day cream? See which suits you best. There are plenty of creams for both the categories.

  • Age factor

Every age has a different skin problem associated with it. for examples teenage people face skin problems like breakouts, redness, etc. whereas older people face wrinkles and patches and marks. So there are creams for each life stage according to the need of the people.

  • Your skin complexion

A lot depends upon your skin complexion. A lot of products are “tinted” in nature. This means they have a colour that has to match with your skin to blend in properly. Hence, you must analyse your complexion and buy products accordingly. Mismatched tints can make your skin look dull or over made up!

So once you get through with these points, you can make a well-informed decision about the kind of skin products you actually need! So go ahead and explore your skin!


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