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All of us enjoy a massage once in a while given the stressful lives that we lead. This helps to relax our muscles and thereby our minds, making us forget all worries for some time and sometimes even enter the sleep mode. Massaging with oil is also beneficial for your skin and can be a great contributing factor towards achieving healthy and glowing skin. Not only is this applicable to dry and normal skin types, but surprisingly to oily skin too. Here is how oil massage can help in improving your skin:

  • The commonly known positive about massages is that they help in improving blood circulation, thereby making your skin glowing. Oil aids in giving a massage and thus improves this process. Massage twists and turns the muscles and nerves in your body, generates heat and this improves metabolism too, all of which reflects on your skin.

  • A light oil massage on your face can cleanse dirt and remnants of make up well. Though we have learnt that oil blocks pores, if used wisely, it can do wonders. Use herbal oils, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. for this purpose. Take a little oil in your palm, apply all over your face and massage lightly with your finger tips. Now dip a towel in warm water and wipe your face with it but don’t rub. Let the warmth of the towel sit on your face for about 20 minutes by placing the towel on the skin and keeping it on for some time. When you’re done, you will notice that your face is noticeably cleaner and moisturized too.

  • Oil massage helps in removing dead skin cells effectively. Areas such as the navel, behind the knees and the ears are where dead cells and dirt build up regularly, in spite of washing regularly. An oil massage will be an easy way to remove such stern dirt.
  • There are many indirect ways in which oil massages benefit the skin. It helps in removing stress and depression both of which adversely affect the skin. Certain pressure points in our bodies are connected to the heart and massaging them improves the functioning of this vital organ. A healthy heart will circulate blood better thus giving you a vibrant skin.

  • Certain massaging techniques address special zones of your body such as the stomach and the abdomen and these then work on your digestion. Such oil massages remove excess gas in your body and improve the functioning of the liver which is directly connected with the condition of your skin.

There are many other benefits of oil massages which are being discovered or yet to be understood. Click here to find out what massage oils and products from Joy By Nature you can use.


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