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Bacteria as we all, know is harmful for us but it is everywhere inside our home. It is quite shocking but many of us hardly know that the germs which we are unable to see are very much present in form of bacteria and affecting our family’s immune system. However, many of us get successful fighting it off on a daily basis but some loose this battle. Bacteria are known for creating virus or infection which is killing humans these days. There are many sources of the bacteria available around us. However, the nastiest creature that produces most bacteria in our home is cockroach.

Need to eliminate cockroaches

There are many reasons why people want to exterminate cockroaches. However, some of the most important reasons are as follows:

  • Carry unpleasant diseases

The most important reason why we should try and get rid of them is because they are known for carrying most unpleasant diseases such as dysentery or salmonella which is dangerous or harmful for us.

  • Harmful for asthmatic people

If you have asthma and there are cockroaches in your home, this is next to getting prepared for the accident. It is because it can cause allergies to them and their discarded skin gets airborne.

  • Fast breeding

You will be shock to know that the breeding of the cockroaches is really very fast. So, you must try to get rid of them as soon as possible or else they will soon be master of your home.

Basic tips to get rid of cockroaches

To keep the cockroaches away, you have to keep it in mind that the cleanliness of the surroundings plays a very important role. Most importantly, the kitchen as it is known as the favorite spot of them due to food. Try to avoid keeping food open and keep them in sealed containers. One more aspect that we mostly forget is checking if any wall has cracks because the cockroaches live up inside it. Plaster if there are any cracks on the wall.

Here are some high-quality herbal products available with us at which can help you get rid of these cockroaches.

  • Bio Farm Veto Cockroach 40gm

It is a very effective organic repellent used for killing the cockroaches. It is proven for showing results within 6 days of using. It is known to be powerful, attractive and innovative assets which can be useful for the treatment of breeding in places such as- toilets, sewage, kitchen trolleys, sink, bathroom, washbasin, gullies, sewer etc.

Qualities of the product

  • Herbal product
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative assets
  • Safe to use
  • Non- poisonous
  • It can be used to repel all types of cockroaches
  • Suitable for every place such as- homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, trains, cars, Commercial buses etc.
  • Herbal Strategy Just Mop Spray 500ml

It is a distinct quality product that cleans stains, kills germs as well as acts as a repellent for ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects etc. It is known as a unique blend of plant extracts. It has the best natural lemon fragrance.

Qualities of the product:

  • No chemicals
  • Eco- friendly
  • Easy to use
  • No side effects
  • Good fragrance
  • 100 percent herbal
  • Effective on different types of surfaces
  • Herbal Strategy Just Out 100% Natural Cockroach Repellent 100ml

It is the effective cockroach repellent made up of herbal ingredients. It is known to be the matchless blend of Natural oils as well as herbal extracts. It is non-toxic and eco- friendly product with no side-effects.

Quality of the product:

  • No side-effects
  • Non- toxic
  • Herbal product
  • User-friendly

Thus, in order to make our homes healthy and cockroach free, we must try to avoid harmful and use herbal repellents which helps us get rid of them.


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