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Being a first time parent is exciting but also could be much challenging. As parents we might often feel to give the best out of us, but when it comes to genuine care this can be challenging. If you haven't spent a lot of time around newborns, it could be a bit frightening for you but no need to worry. These tips below can train you to care and pamper for a newborn in no time and will surely help even the most nervous first-time parents, making you feel confident about it. Below mentioned are few things that being a parent you must have knowledge about it:

  • Handling the Newborn- Make sure to take special care when holding him because babies are very delicate, especially the newborns. For newborns, it is better to sit while holding them rather than standing and risk for an accident. When picking your baby up, scoop up with both arms by sliding one hand under his bottom and other hand under his head for support. Allow your baby to rest on your shoulder and chest.


  • Swaddling- It works well for babies not only in keeping them warm also in the sense of security and comfort. You need to swaddle your baby in a clean, soft and smooth blanket to make him feel comfortable and sleep well.



  • Massage- Regular massage is very beneficial for your new born. It will boost his muscle development and will help in keeping him calm. Also this will enhance the bonding between you and your loving infant. Few tips are mentioned below for massaging your baby:


  • Keep it simple and gentle.
  • Set yourself up on the floor with a bowl of oil (make sure the oil you use is certified and gentle to your baby’s skin).
  • Take a little organic massage oil in your hands gently wrap and massage his legs, chest, head, hands, soles and all over his body.
  • You could finish the massage season with a nice bath.
  • Use lukewarm water for your baby’s bath.
  • Gentle, mild baby soap and shampoo.
  • Towels or blankets, clean clothes and a clean diaper.

  • Bathing Basics- Two times in a week for the first year is fine for bathing your baby. Remember that frequent baths can lead your babies’ skin to dryness. You need to keep few items ready for your baby’s bath and make sure these are organic or secure to use.

  • Feeding- It is said breastfeeding is best for newborns. It should be continued through the first year of life and even beyond, if desired, following the introduction of solid foods with the 6 months of birth. Feed your newborns on demand, and make sure to make at least 6-10 breastfeeds a day with a minimal difference of 2 hours. You will easily get to know if your baby is hungry. Few signs of his hunger are: He will be making fussy sounds or will look like he’s going.

  • Diapers- As being a new parent changing your newborn’s diapers could be difficult for the first few times, but soon you’ll find that keeping your baby dry and happy is easy. Before you begin, gather few things with you i.e., diapers, diaper wipes, container of warm water and some ointment or softener. Make sure to use the diapers that are smooth and certified and are free from all kind of chemicals and do not forget to stock them up in advance.

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