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Winters come with a lot of dry and flaky skin. But don’t you worry we have a small guide for you to fight those skin problems and shine away the winters!

Winters come with a host of problems and the most common amongst them is dry and cracked skin. Winters steal away the skin’s natural moisture, making it dry and chapped. This is due to the harsh weather conditions where air loses its moisture and becomes dry and cold. Chapped skin can become a big problem especially for the people who already have a dry skin. Well said enough about the problems, here we have a solution too! There are few ways in which you can get over this winter blues

  • Moisturise

Use a moisturiser as per your skin type. Dry skinned people should use heavy creams which gives thick miniaturisation. Whereas oily skinned people should stick to gels or oil free moisturisers.

  • Exfoliate

During winters due to excess drying of skin, dead skin accumulates upon the outer layer. These build up over time and become very stubborn causing all the more problem like breakouts, white heads, black heads etc. the only way to deal with dead skin is to exfoliate it using a scrub and wash twice a week for best results.

  • Butter up

For intense miniaturisation you can use body butter. This is super nourishing to the skin. This can be used for deep damage repair of skin. For buttery soft- smooth skin use a body butter daily after bath!

  • Don’t forget those kissable lips

Lips have a very delicate skin. It is very thin as compared to the rest of the body. Hence the delicate lips required gentle care. Use lip therapies to cure those chapped lips overnight and be kiss ready!

  • Take care of your heels

Million women suffer from cracked heels every winters. This is a very unpleasant experience for them. Not only makes feet look bad but also exposes them to deep skin damage! So don’t cover your heel in socks or shoes instead use a heel creams  to heal the cracks

  • Go for regular massage

Once in a while take out some time and go for a healthy oil  massage in a spa. Aroma oils also relax you and at the same time give deep nourishment to the skin. The skin receives plenty of moisture and care. So don’t waste any more time and go for these magic oils!

With the entire small guide you are good to go! Go hit the JBN store and grab these essential items to be ready to face these harsh winters.


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