Organa Apple Fruit Bar (Pack of 2)

  • Organic fruit bar
  • Tastier and healthier option
  • Good for kids
  • Made from naturally ripe fruit

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Organa Apple Fruit Bar (Pack of 2)


Apple Fruit Bar is tastier, healthier and the best snacking option for kids. It is made from fresh, ripe and high quality Kashmiri Apples that are ripened naturally. It is purely organic and 100% pure that makes it one of the best snacking options. All the natural vitamins and minerals are present as it does not contain harmful pesticides or chemicals. It is an organic fruit bar that is good to be consumed anytime of the day.


Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Sugar, Stabilizer (E440), Natural Preservative (E235), Natural Colour.


  • Contains no chemicals
  • Safe for kids
  • Can replace conventional snack
  • Provides instant energy
  • Best routine snack option

About Brand

Organa is a provider of 100% natural Organic Fruit beverages. It is the first ever fruit based organic company to be certified for its fruity beverages and products. The mission is to provide chemical free, zero preservatives, no artificial coloring to its Organic Fruits retaining the true taste of nature. It is all about providing the farm grown produce in the form of packaged beverages. Utilizing strict organic farming methodology with no GMO's or pesticides, it is 100% natural

Joyfully Free of

Pesticides, GMO & Harmful Chemicals

Award & Certifications

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