Nomos NoRoach 550ml

  • 100% HERBAL, Non toxic, child safe, food safe
  • Effective in all covered areas
  • Best for homes food serving areas
  • Canteen and hostel pantry.
  • Unique blend of natural plant extracts and essential oils to eradicate all types of Cockroaches from your home or office

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Nomos NoRoach 550ml


Nomos offer best quality Nomos NoRoach spraying liquid which is effective in killing cockroaches.


100% Herbal

How To Use

Spray on areas affected by cockroaches indoors.

About Brand

Vedic BioSource was established with the aim of meeting the need of a natural, non-toxic, non-resistance generating - cost effective & potent protection against a wide array of vectors. Vedic BioSource deals in Environment Sanitizers for use at home, personal and environmental application.The formulations are made out of Essential Oils, which fall under the E.P.A., G.R.A.S.* category. The basic considerations for the selection of the essential oils are: child-safe, non-toxic, effective, target specific (noeffecton friendly insects like bees, dragon fly etc.),Ecofriendly, and designed to prevent mutation in the vector without any side effects on the Environment.

Joyfully Free of

Chemicals and Toxins

Award & Certifications

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