NeoVeda Neem & Green Tea Face Pack 50gm

  • Keeps the skin looking young
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Gives a fairer complexion

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NeoVeda Neem & Green Tea Face Pack 50gm


Neo Veda neem and green tea face pack keeps the skin most, young and glowing. The pack contains the essential oils of neem and green tea. Neem acts as an antiseptic and prevents the skin from infections. Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants that prevent the skin from developing the signs of premature aging.


Green tea and essential oils of neem.


Neo Veda neem and green tea face pack is a 100% natural product that does not contain chemicals and so can be used safely. It heals the skin and also prevents the skin from infections. The anti-oxidants in the pack prevent the skin from developing wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation. It also revitalizes the skin and keeps the skin young.

How to Use

Apply the pack as a mask on the face. Leave for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water.

About Brand

Neo Veda is a brand that has been inspired by Ayurveda. Neo Veda products are spa products that are available at best price online. These spa products do not contain paraben and are made from essential oils that are pure and natural. The Neo Veda brand promotes products that are essential for healthy living. Neo Veda deals in a wide range of beauty and skin care products made from the essenial oils of almond, orange, lavender, sandalwood, grapeseed, neem, cedarwood, jojoba and jasmine. The brand also deals in an extensive collection of aroma oils and aroma lamps. The incense sticks, cones and candles are non polluting products of the brand. Neo Veda online products are easily available and are authentic and genuine. These online products in India are also acclaimed across the globe and have a strong international appeal. These products are a natural way to relax and calm the mind and the body.

Joyfully Free of

Harmful Chemicals & Pesticides

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