Mosbito Mosquito Repellent 20 Patch Pack

  • Protection from Dengue, Chikungunya & Malaria
  • No Skin Contact
  • Last up to 12 hours
  • Easy to carry wherever you go
  • 100% Natural, Safe & Toxic Free
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Mosbito Mosquito Repellent 20 Patch Pack


Mosbito Mosquito Repellent patch works in all types of conditions - sleeping, playing, indoors, outdoors etc. Just stick one patch on the cloth and the sticker remains effective for 12 hours, keeping you safe from mosquito bites.  The patch is effective, natural and safe for everyone, including children.  It is DEET free with no harsh insecticides or pesticides, and is safe for your entire family.

Oil of Citronella is volatile, liquid oil derived from dried cultivated grasses. It works on insects without harming or killing them. Citronella oil is also a renowned plant-based insect repellent, and has been registered for this use in the United States since 1948. The United States Environmental Protection Agency considers oil of citronella as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action.

It has a distinctive odor which may make it difficult for some pests to locate a host. The length of repellency time varies with the inert ingredients and the amount of citronella oil in the product. Oil of Citronella, it is not harmful to the environment. No adverse effects are expected for use around the home. Also recommended for holidays, barbecues, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities.


  • It is not applied directly on skin, making it much more practical and safe
  • Safe for Kids of all ages
  • Last up to 12 hours
  • The compact and light weight packet is ideal during Holidays and while traveling, even while travelling by air.
  • 100% Natural Vegetable Oil based, Safe & Toxic Free
  • Contains high purity and high quality citronella oil to repel mosquito effectively.
  • No refills, no batteries, no electricity required.
  • Does not contain DEET or any other harmful pesticide.

How to Use

Peel off the protective film, and attach the adhesive side to your clothes or a location close to your body such such as stockings, shoulder areas, inside of trousers, skirts or at the edge of a table or bed.

About Brand

Mosbito specializes in manufacturing various healthcare and environment-protection products, mainly produces mosquito repellent patch and mosquito killer. As a leading supplier in Hong Kong, they have a competitive technical team who keeps developing new products. Development of Environment-friendly products are their focusing business. They are dedicated to this goal and strive to consistently provide the highest level of customer service, selection and product satisfaction.

Joyfully Free of

DEET, Harmful Insecticide or Pesticide

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