Joybynature Tulsi Honey 500gm

  • Boosts immunity
  • Induces sleep
  • Promotes skin health
  • Helps in weight loss

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Joybynature Tulsi Honey 500gm


Joybynature Tulsi Honey is made from two elixirs of life- tulsi and honey. This honey is honey in the purest form and is obtained directly from beekeepers. This all natural honey retains all its flavors and nutrients and is free of preservatives and chemicals.

Tulsi is a miracle herb that has always been used for its medicinal qualities. Honey also has several health benefits and Joybynature tulsi honey thus works wonders for the health. Both tulsi and honey can be used as treatment for several ailments and so Joybynature tulsi honey is an effective remedy for many diseases. The best thing about Joybynature tulsi honey is the fact that it is naturally obtained and is not chemically processed which means that it contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for the body to function in a proper manner. Joybynature tulsi honey is a great source of several vital minerals, vitamins as well as anti-oxidants. Joybynature tulsi honey is one of the best remedies for a sore throat. Both tulsi and honey have anti-bacterial as well as soothing properties that offer relief from itchiness and pain in the throat and help to reduce cough.

Joybynature tulsi honey can be effectively used to regulate blood sugar as well as blood sugar levels. Thus, the consumption of Joybynature tulsi honey helps to support the functioning of the heart, liver, blood vessels and the lungs. With its rich content of nutrients, Joybynature tulsi honey is used to reduce stress and improve stamina.

With its content of tulsi, Joybynature tulsi honey is very effective in aiding digestion and reducing gastric problems and ulcers. It can also be consumed to eliminate toxins from the body. One of the main advantages of using Joybynature tulsi honey is the fact that it lowers cholesterol levels and thus promotes the overall health. It can also be consumed without any side effects or adverse health effects.


There are many benefits of Joybynature tulsi honey which include the following:

  • Boosts immunity: Joybynature tulsi honey contains several anti-oxidants and has anti-bacterial properties that boost the immune system and make it stronger to fight against infections and diseases. The consumption of Joybynature tulsi honey also prevents from several fungal and viral infections because of the various anti-viral and anti-fungal properties it possesses.
  • Induces sleep: Joybynature tulsi honey when consumed in warm milk sooths and induces sleep. The consumption of Joybynature tulsi honey normalizes the level of stress hormone called cortisol and thus reduces the body and mind stress levels thereby helping the body to relax and so induces sleep.
  • Promotes skin health: Joybynature tulsi honey can be consumed to get a healthy looking skin. The anti-bacterial and healing properties of honey and tulsi help to keep skin infections as well as acne at bay. By consuming Joybynature tulsi honey, one can get a smooth and glowing skin. Joybynature tulsi honey also nourishes the skin.
  • Sooths the throat: Joybynature tulsi honey can be effectively used as a remedy to get relief from sore throat. Tulsi and honey both have anti-bacterial and soothing properties that kill the infections causing bacteria in the throat and thus help to relieve irritation and soreness in the throat. 
  • Helps in weight loss: Joybynature tulsi honey when consumed with warm water every morning aids in weight loss. The consumption of Joybynature tulsi honey helps to digest fats in the body and so aid in weight loss in an effective manner.
  • Prevents cancer: Honey and tulsi both contain several anti-oxidants and flavonoids that help to reduce the risk of some cancers. Consuming Joybynature tulsi honey helps to kill the cancerous cells in the body as it has anti-carcinogenic properties thereby preventing cancer.
  • Lowers cholesterol: Joybynature tulsi honey helps in maintaining cholesterol levels because of the high content of anti-oxidants. Thus, it also helps to protect against various heart ailments and ensures a healthy heart.

How to Use

Joybynature tulsi honey can be safely consumed as a remedy for several ailments. Joybynature tulsi honey can be consumed every morning with water to get rid of stomach problems and problems related to the digestive system. In addition, consuming Joybynature tulsi honey everyday promotes longevity and reduces the risk of several diseases.

About Brand

Joybynature is aimed at inspiring Nature led Wellbeing globally. Joybynature offers unique Natural and Certified Organic products across wide range of categories including Food, Health and Beauty and works with premium quality authentic producers of natural and organic products to ensure that Nature's best reaches your doorstep. These producers are based in the hubs of organic farming across the country - locations such as Almora (Uttarakhand), Kangra (Himachal), Satara (Maharashtra), Mysore (Karnataka). Each product is thoroughly tested for presence of chemicals and harmful substances before it is made available to you - the esteemed Joybynature customer.

Joybynature is committed to enhancing individual Joy, Wellbeing and Longevity globally by offering top quality products and credible related information. Joybynature's commitment is best reflected through its policy:

TRUST Joybynature: If you are not satisfied with any Joybynature brand product after 15-day of use, Joybynature will refund you the money for the same - no questions asked.

Joybynature is a journey towards revolutionalising wellbeing among people. Managed by a highly experienced team with International WorkEx and education from IIT, IIM and INSEAD, Joybynature is growing rapidly to be the Most Preferred choice among Natural and Organic products.

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