Herbal Hills Jambuhills 60 Tablets

  • May help in keeping Blood Sugar in control
  • Keeps your digestive system and spleen clean and healthy
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps treat urinary infection and urinary tract disorders

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 Herbal Hills

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Herbal Hills Jambuhills 60 Tablets


Herbal Hills Jambuhills Kit helps in maintain the blood sugar levels and other ailments associated with this. It tries to keep the metabolism steady and control the diabetic complications. A natural and herbal way of maintaining the sugar levels, it is really important to keep the blood sugar levels under control. If you can’t do that then there would be complications in the health. Try this product and keep the levels under control. Maintain healthy sugar levels and get your health in a good zone. Try this and make your health and immune system much better. You should use herbal formulations for good health.


Jambu Seeds Powder, Jambu Extracts And Jambu Seeds. It Also Contains Bitter Nlt 2%, Saponin 6%.

How To Use

Take 1 capsule twice daily before meals on empty stomach


  • May Be Helpful In Diabetes Management By Its Blood Sugar Controlling Effects.
  • May Help In Proper Functions Of The Liver.
  • Safe For Long Term Use Along With Modern Medicines Of Diabetes

About Brand

Herbal Hills is Cultivator, Manufacturer & Exporter of Ayurvedic Herbal Products.Herbal Hills identifies few herbs from traditional Indian Ayurveda - Science of life & introduces these herbs in their product range of Ayurvedic Medicine, which are internationally called asDietary Supplements Nutritional Supplements. It has wide product range which includesGreen Food Supplement, Health Juice, Herbal Ayurvedic Single Herb, Herbal Ayurvedic Formulation, Medicated Cow ghee Formulation, Natural Beauty Personal Care Products etc.Herbal Hills has its own land duly certified Organic by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) in Lonavala (India), where all cultivation is done with Organic farming practices without using any Chemicals.

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