HealthVit Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 Mg (Pack Of 2)

  • It works as a hunger suppres
  • Good for quick weight loss
  • Regulates metabolism of fat
  • Energy booster

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Healthvit Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 Mg (Pack Of 2)


Green coffee bean extractor is a good energy booster that helps you stay fit and healthy by shredding unwanted fat from your body. It works for maintenance of sugar level in the blood. Regular intake of the green coffee veg capsules works by boosting energy, increasing metabolism and burning fat. Taking two capsules of green coffee beans extract daily works by boosting energy and burning fat just within a few days. It is a natural hunger suppressant that is free of harmful chemicals and harmful ingredients. It will help you get fit without compromising on body energy or without dieting. However, taking regular exercise with these capsules will help you in maintaining a healthy body and lean muscular frame. Use it to your benefit as prescribed by the physician.


Green Coffee Bean Extract : 800 mg

How To Use

Use as a dietary supplement, twice or thrice daily before 30 minutes of meal with water


  • Regulation of blood sugar level
  • Excellent fat burner
  • Improve overall health status
  • Improve concentration level

About Brand

HealthVitis the flagship brand of WEST-COAST Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.


WEST-COAST offers formulations under various categories like,

  • Anti- Cancer Capsule
  • Hormones Capsule
  • B-Lactum Tablet.(Coated / Uncoated)
  • B-Lactum Capsule.
  • B-Lactum Dry Syrup
  • Oral Liquid
  • General Capsule
  • General Tablet
  • Oral powder (ORS,PROTINE POWDER)


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