Pristine Organics Fields Of Gold Gowrisanna Rice 1kg

  • Traditional, Rare And Exotic Varieties Of Rice
  • Rich In Dietary Fiber
  • Low Glyemic Index
  • Rich In Natural Antioxidants And Phytonutrients

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 Pristine Organics

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Pristine Organics Fields Of Gold Gowrisanna Rice 1kg


Pristine Organics Fields Of Gold Gowrisanna Rice is another organically produced product , which has a different taste and natural colour that gives the food a variety of rice. Organically processed with natural ingredients used in growth, no use of toxic fertilizers or chemicals to degrade the quality. they taste good when cooked and has great aroma too which makes the food delicious. it has no side effects or any harmful artificial working, as it is purely organic, healthy and processed naturally.It is best used after 6 months of manufacturing.


presence of natural antioxidants and phytonutrients and rare and exotic variety of rice.


  • Natural And Organic Growth Of Rice
  • Complete Natural And Organic Process
  • No Toxic Substances Added To Add Flavor
  • It Is Healthy As It Contains All The Essential Nutrients And Vitamins With Eco Friendly Natural Preservatives

About Brand

Pristine understanding of food and nutrition is not confined to processing between the four walls of the factory and value addition. But stems from the community and the knowledge of the commons, farmers, culture and history. They continuously look backward to see forward and travel from food to nutrition, not the other way round. In 1992 Pristine finds its origin as Nutrition research organization and publication of nutrition journals with substantial learning and unlearning branches into organic foods and nutrition products manufacturing. First in country to make certified organic weaning foods, cereals supplements and staples. The products are guided by the fact that good food can't made just between four walls of factory. It has to emerge out of healthy soil, natural and organic farming and minimal processing. Seed and breed varieties have big say on nutrition and health value. Polyculture and knowledge of ecosystem function paves way for total avoidance of synthetic fertilizer an elimination of poisonous pesticides. This will help in conserving nature's myriad varieties and biodiversity. While doing no harm to the nature, the provider of Pristine's food, the food consumed thus produced reduces disease burden and lead to health and happiness; Happiness of not hurting, of healing. The brand is trying its bit in helping cultivate rare varieties of millets and rice going out of cultivation and consumption.While organic cultivation is to conserve biodiversity and get rid of harmful chemicals organic food processing ensure avoidance harmful storage chemicals, additives, synthetic colors and artificial preservatives. With experience of more than a decade and with an organic understanding of food and nutrition, Pristine brings out a range of organic food and nutritional supplements, with care and caution never to compromise and undo nature's goodness.

Award & Certifications

Joyfully Free of

Artificial Flavour/ Color, Artificial Preservation or Additives, Synthetic Pesticide

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