Ecomytra Desi Cow Ghee Hand Churned 1L

  • Good for health
  • Enhances food quality
  • Increases immunity
  • Facilitates absorption of nutrients

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Ecomytra Desi Cow Ghee Hand Churned 


100% Desi Cow Ghee that is obtained with the traditional hand churning method. This Desi Ghee is made using vedic method that does not include any use of chemicals or machinery, for this reason it retains its medicinal properties. This is what makes it pure and good to be consumed by all.


Pure Cow Ghee hand churned


  • It promotes longevity
  • It is used in ayurvedic remedies
  • Promotes vitality
  • Good for maintaining healthy body

About Brand

We are a Mumbai based youth venture, EcoMytra is developing into an organic/ eco-friendly resource hub with consumer affordability at its heart. Currently we are selling Organic Cow ghee and it has been called 'Super foods' by the experts. It is also bringing the grass root changes in the lives of cowherds by upbringing the importance of 'Desi cows'

Joyfully Free of

Harmful Chemicals

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